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Mr. Farrell said:
that's friggin brilliant! if only i had some scrap metal and a welder... id be makin all kinds of custom springers.

and i love your little helper. :)
Learn to weld, it will change your life! I need to make a little welding helmet for him! I keep tellin him to close his eyes while I'm welding but he won't listen. Joe is currently hard at work on Mama Schwinn, look for him to make an appearance there soon!
I can probably get you the hook up if you want.

Scott 8)
Rat Rod said:
I guess we need the funniest build award this time around. :lol:
I vote for this one... can I vote for it twice??

Scott 8)
Just tryin' to get you guys in a good mood for the time when I ride off with the Big Trophy! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: OOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!! :lol:
well i am the one doing the trophy so what shall it be? hmmmm well you do like dolls soooooo
karfer67 said:
well i am the one doing the trophy so what shall it be? hmmmm well you do like dolls soooooo
Well, I've seen your work and you're very talented and artistic. I'm sure that whatever you come up with will look fine on my mantel. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
aww come on i am not smack talking ya i would not do that. what would G.I. joe say? looks real sweet riding looks like fun i need to do a bike with apes again. very nice work
What makes you think I was talkin' about you winning the smack talking trophy! Didn't you already win a trophy? :) Some guy's is never happy. :wink:
Here it is in hot pursuit:

Harkness gift shop.

One more.
Thanks, the upper vertical portion of the seat post is plumbers pipe, the horizontal is solid stock heated and radiused and the lower portion is an old seat post. It's all tig welded together. I trust my welds but I always check them before I ride. A broken weld could be very painful! :shock:
Thanks, It was built on the cheap thats for sure.
67 Typhoon $27
New spokes $26
New tires $59
Plumbers pipe Free!
I tried to keep it as minimal yet creative as possible.
Here's a before shot for anyone who's voting. I cleaned and relaced the wheels and used that crank/sprocket.