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That is a cute folding magnifier.

I had a friend who owned one similar but from Lebanon. It belonged to his dad who was a cloth merchant 100 years ago. He used it to count the number of threads in the weave.
Yes for examining print samples and negatives etc. Also useful for touching up art work, the open base let's you get in there with a brush or pen
It's not in my hands yet, but it looks like Lil Thundrrr's next one will be a frame up build.

Who likes free bikes? Matti do
Last time I missed out on the exact same thing, guy wanted $220, and I was grumpy that I didn't pull the trigger. This one was only$60! I didn't even barter. Guy had it listed as "kids bike"! You gotta check the ads carefully
I love when people list bikes they have no clue about. That's how I got my 68 Schwinn Mini Twinn. She had it listed as "Jr. Size tandem bike"
I love when people list bikes they have no clue about. That's how I got my 68 Schwinn Mini Twinn. She had it listed as "Jr. Size tandem bike"
Mt Twinn was listed as "Schwin", had no reference to Twinn or Tandem in the posting, and had "bicycle built for two" instead. It had been on CL for over a month and I just handed the man his $200 when I arrived.

I paid $100 for my deluxe 5 speed. Guy didn't even wash it. I wiped it down with a shop rag and it looks 100 times better already. Almost a shame I'm gonna sand it down and repaint it.
Shared score with @ingola , another great day of picking View attachment 213102View attachment 213100View attachment 213105View attachment 213101View attachment 213103View attachment 213104
3 nos Tange headsets! He took 2 I took one, I think the moto x one he grabbed was the coolest, it's on his Schwinn already. We still left a few behind

That AW-27 is the one the Marin klunker crowd used on their bikes back in the day, I'm pretty sure. Should fit klunker vintage Schwinn head tubes. Nice haul!!
AW-27 and MX-2 fit vintage Schwinn bikes and most other American bikes. I have used a couple of the sealed Levin sets and they’re really nice. They had the 30mm cups and I used them on my late 80’s Shogun mtb and an Electra. Most steel framed Electras and 80’s - 90’s mountain bikes I have worked on have the 30mm cups.
More of what I dragged home. Killer old double clamp stem

Gonna look sick with my moto bar...
Some old shin rippers

Gratuitous bilingual Canadiana pic with the autumn leaves!
A silly little seat
made in japan, might not be gross enough for Gas Money.
Rando Haro stem and MX grips because reasons I can't recall:

Stems and bars
i still don't know if I can bring myself to use drop bars, but they were free. The real reason was that stem
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