(MBBO#05 Class-2) '68 Junior 7...Looks Like it's Done.

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Sep 7, 2014
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Columbus OH
I know I know it's last year's bike.


This is just my kid's rider. We entered it last year and got it to here.


1968 Schwinn Stingray Junior frame with Fairlady wing tip guard. 18" Person's repro smoothie. 20" Schwinn mountain bike donor. 7-speed, v-brakes, varsity sprocket.

Needs a tear-down, paint/make-over.

Not much of a makeover though he says it's perfect. I've ridden it. It's sweet. Best stopping power of any bike in the house. It's got a trigger shift that works great.

I may dis-assemble the wheels and polish the hoops for a feat of strength. I have a charcoal Krate Pete seat kit on the way.

He did a walkaround vid and took pics yesterday before we went for a ride.

Then he took a pic of it in one of his pic spots.


Here's my pic from yesterday.


You guys are in for a treat because he said he'll take the pics. He's pretty good with the pics.

No work planned yet. He doesn't want this down very long...gotta get decals and figure out logistics for quick strip/teardown and paint.

If we don't get to it for some reason you guys will see it in the winter unfinished build off....:21:
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Welcome to the fray Chad! Are you keeping it red, or is that a secret?
Awesome, I love these retro re-powered style Stingrays!
Looking forward to the new paint and seat!


Thank you Luke. Will be nice to get the kids bike done and finish another piece of exotic muscle. Little less exotic components than the usual but it all works great.

Welcome to the fray Chad! Are you keeping it red, or is that a secret?

No secrets here OJ. I even provided a clue in the first post.

I have a charcoal Krate Pete seat kit on the way.


If you remember from last year he was wanting a white and black fade which may have looked great. I just wasn't inspired enough to tear it down and paint it.

I found a leftover can of charcoal paint from my Scrambler from mbbo3 and asked him what he thought of charcoal for a color and he said "Daddy why don't you just do it however you think it should be." then he said "But don't change anything because it rides perfect."

So the plan is. Charcoal on the frame with black decals + headbadge and black paint on the chainguard with white decals.

I like the idea of black rims with the charcoal but I don't like black rims with the rim braking surface. I will probably polish the hoops and leave the hubs black I think.

Few fiddly things to do on the way. Head tube needs some more whittling for the 1 1/8 headset, cables need trimmed. I may try to do something with the shift cable so it doesn't have the line across the cantilever tubes. We'll see what happens. Should be a cool little bike for him.
Could always paint the top of the rim black, tape off the braking suface....
I just don't like the look of it. Would have to be all black + no rim brake silver stripe. They'll look wider polished too because they have a rounded profile.
Thank you Fellas...:thumbsup:

Shiney it will be. Working a deal on some different hoops for this. More squared off like a Schwinn and they appear to be raw alum which are a dream to sand and polish.

Back hoop is way too narrow for the tire and the tube keeps getting pinched anyways.

Got the decals in yesterday from Memory Lane Classics. Pete Seat kit is here too.


That's about it for the Junior. Being in the MBBO has motivated me to work on a couple other muscle bikes I have.

9-speed '69 Fastback needed a spacer to correct the chain line. Also aligned the derailleur + re-adjusted the guard. I have finally tamed the 9-speed Mag.


Pumped up the tires to about 100 psi and took her for a spin.


It's still a rocket....:eek:..:D

Then I needed to put the sissy back on the '64.


Pumped these tires up to 65 psi (even though you can take the Hawk to 100) and took this one for a spin.


Had to adjust the handlebars (kid was the last one to ride it.) and take her back out. Short cranks make for easy cruising and the short frame makes for super tight turns.


That '64 was the last bike I put together before getting on here with that Fastback being my first build.

Was going to de-anodize and polish the front rim for the Junior but got to looking for hoops and found some I liked so I've just been goofing off with these other bikes today.
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Cool starter. Looking forward to your updates to it.
Cool starter. Looking forward to your updates to it.

Fun to see your other bikes. You have that muscle vibe for sure~!

Awesome stuff!


Thank you gents....OJ...that Fastback was the first SRAM 1x. It's a 9 speed.


Got the hoops! Had to take the tires off the Junior and try them on the new hoops.


Glad I got all 3 he had of the wider one. Not only are they not coated with anything they're already polished..:D..works for me.

Had the kid rub 'em up real good with some Mother's.


Sit down job action..:cool:


Since the Junior is down now he's riding The General Lee from Boten.


Skid vid.

Kinda feel guilty about these pre-polished hoops like I should be rubbing some rusty metal with some tin foil and WD or something...:p

Gotta get this back sprocket off so I can measure for spokes..and then decide to polish or not polish the hubs...should have to do a little work on these I suppose.

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Got the spokes measured and ordered. Should be here tomorrow.

Started on the hubs. They're "Quandos"...eat your heart out Phil Woods..:21:


Didn't get real far. They're painted so went straight to the drill method.


Rubbing the finish off takes some more work but allows you to get them extra smooth because the paint will highlight the low spots.

Didn't have any paint stripper anyways and didn't feel like a store trip.

Spokes will be here tomorrow so I've got to get these done today. Tomorrow will be my first of 8 work days in a row. Then I'll be off weekends for a while.

Can't believe I missed Macro Monday on all my Mondays off. Had some close ups of the Fastback I wanted to use but didn't remember until Tues and I won't break the Macro Monday Ordinances..:21:

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