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Today with my awesome welder.
Turns out the second bracket helps my chain line. I'll be running a idler in the rear BB to clear the frame.

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Looking at it I can see I've got to cut it loose and reweld it. Cantilevers, chain stays and seat post top all line up, forward BB is wrong... Grr, that thing was a bit of work.


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Got the rest of the old paint stripped. Got the front BB cut out and moved. Got a gusset on the off drive side. Not pictured is my drivetrain. I made a slick idler with a cut down crank and a BMX sprocket, and I've got a cool Huffy sprocket for out front. It's a shame to paint all the raggedy wire feed welds but a muscle bike needs cool paint. Even if it ain't in the rules. Duplicolor Metalcast Blue in hand, steel wooling the whole thing next.

Second pic is for laughs, 700's fit!

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Nope. Hehe...
I know it fits I messed with it long enough, last warm day for a while. So I had to paint it. Tomorrow is shot, driving my lady and her brother up to Chicago at 4am so he can get some cancer cut out. We're all hopeful, so prayers of thanks for my friend, Steve and thanks for the doctors and the knowledge and facilities.

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I like it with the big front wheel.
There's a large possibility that after the buildoff it will end up with 26" wheels on the back AND front. I've got a thing with stretched cruiser handlebars too...


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Drivetrain test completed. Crazy wheel combo technically could work back tire is 2.125" wide front is 30 cm haha, but no they are NOT staying. Just good enough to cruise around in the rain a bit.
Mean Streak for now but Blue Meanie is growing on me.

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Two speed kickback hub on the rear rolling a 26 x 1.75 stance is better. Gotta lace a chrome rim up for the front, the mag doesn't match up. Mean Streak or Blue Meanie?

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Named after the Deep Purple song?
No if I were going to use a Deep Purple song it'd probably be Space Truckin' or Highway Star. Mean Streak just has a nice sound to it and there was a good roller coaster named that at Cedar Point, if I remember correctly. Blue Meanie has the rock n roll connection to Yellow Submarine though. Ancient times, good stuff.


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Small update. Got my pieces to assemble into a front wheel. Nice Mallard hub, sealed bearings from France. Dimensions close enough to the rear hub that the spokes should work. Good chrome on the rim too.

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Roller again...
Had to take it easy it has no brake arm clamp. I haven't laced my front wheel either. But it was nice for a minute so I went around the block.

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Laced up my front hub tonight. Spokes and nipples from the old black rim worked out fine. This also was the first one I've ever done without watching a you tuber. Did it from memory. I know the pattern. I know where to start. So why do I need to watch and copy someone else? Haha! I don't. Pretty satisfying too.

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Front wheel looks good. Pedal parks too. Is it a muscle bike? Two outta three covered. The two speed kickback makes it quick without running cables to a shifter and / or caliper brakes. So here it is on a rainy January 10th, Mean Streak.

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