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Love the 2nd bb/chainwheel/tensioner. This is a Carl bike. So far out the box, it required a pre-build build.

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Should probably post the original pic too

Also another bit of digital fun...


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Probably the final pic.
It was a fun build with a few surprises for me to overcome. A couple ratty ten speeds into a Long BMX into a muscle bike. Ultimately it will have a 26" on front too. But we gotta obey the rules first.

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It was just a fleeting idea, building a dually...
I was reading an old thread about it here >>> LINK
I still think it can be done I just have to do it
(that's how things get done)
I laced a rim last nite for a bike I'm building for a little girl who needs a bike for Christmas but the family can't swing it. So I'm rebuilding an old build of mine called Grr-RAT-ified.

A bare metal build that was sprayed with DupaColor Color Effex which is an awesome clearcoat with some prism type of powder in it that reflects great and doesn't show in low light. Took the gratified vinyl letters off the guard and added a Bell seat with a flashing light built in the back. Perfect for a 7 yr old. I think she'll like it. It's old but it's pretty.

That's awesome. Good man
Here's some new detail pics to see. Idler gear, cantilever tubes, front wheel laced, the kickback hub and headbadge.

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When you finish so far down in the polls that your bike is no longer allowed to masquerade as a :eek: muscle bike...

It's time to change the stance one more time. Long BMX to Muscle Bike to Skinny tire 26" Cruiser. Felt quick in the short sprint I did this morning in the -2° cold.

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