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May 21, 2015
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Charlotte NC
My second year, and getting started on day one instead of day sixty!

I'm going to build from scratch a bike that emulates the Western Flyer X-53, one of my top 5 favorite classics. It won't be an exact replica by any means, just going to bring in some of the elements, evoke the spirit of the X-53, and give it some modern 2016 style.

I'm being ambitious, using double butted chromoly frame materials. If my welding doesn't hold up to the thin, thin material, I might have to switch to thicker plain gauge tubes.

The pic shows some of what I have gathered for parts. There's a bike in there somewhere, right? The frame tubes are on the way.

Watching to see this bike develop, I like X-53 bikes too.
I'm liking the sound of this build.
You had me at 'favorite classic'...! Rat on!
Petty progress today. Picked up a full argon bottle and ran some practice welds on scrap pieces of seat tube, 0.9mm (or 0.035" for us Imperialists.) A challenge not to burn through, for sure.

(* note: my handle is NOT "Stack-of-Dimes-John") :bigsmile:
No more than I weld anymore, your weld looks about like one of mine. The funny thing is, about the time I am finishing a project my welds are looking great.......then I put it down for another 6 months, and the process repeats itself!
Sounds great I admire you guys who build your own frames . I would have to build mine out of wood lol. I will enjoy watching [emoji106]

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Gotta keep smiling! I need the weld practice anyway.
And in truth I expected to fail, which is why I bought an extra main tube. But I had to try. I guess I'll have a less curvy frame than I hoped. I'll call it part of the modernization look. I only lost 4-1/2" of tube, so not a complete waste.

Here's the rear triangle snapped together. These investment cast drops fit right into the CS/SS ends (or into 1/2" x 0.065" plain tube as well) and weld up really nice and easy.

I should get to prepping, filing, and welding over the weekend, depending on honey-do's.
Between work and doing honey--I mean--honey-do's :happy:... all I managed today was a sketch of what it would look like with straight tubes and the concept tank/scoop.

Bending the middle bars and rack should be no problem.

What 'cha think? Straight main frame work?
I like your concept drawing a LOT!!!!

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