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Oct 21, 2007
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I originally started this bike in the 20" build-off but realized that I wouldn't have time to
finish it and that I wanted to take it in another direction. I want to add 24" wheels to it.
here are some pics of the frame in original form except for the rear part of the tubes [drop-outs]
that I have smoothed off as they were just open tubes. looked too cheap!

here is a close-up of what the rear frame section will look like...the 24" wheel will sit on an alloy piece that connects to
the frame, with another alloy tube that will also mont to the higher tab on the rear part of the frame. very similar to the
"coke & chrome" rear set-up.
got a chance to continue working on the frame and finally finished the rear top wheel mounts. this is where a tube
that connects to the wheel bracket will mount to with adjustable rose-joints.
continued with the frame get it looking more like it's planned! had to kick the seat pole back a
few inches, to make the seat sit more into the frame. now had to add a slightly curved piece into the top frame tube.

added the top tube to the frame after finally getting the right bends that i was looking for, to sit
with the fork tube area.

i cleaned up a 24" front wheel and added a new white wall tire to get the right height/rake for the front end.
i love the look of this front's been sitting around for years now waiting for the right look bike.


next i have to complete the crank mount area but i'm not too sure exactly with look yet?
i'm also thinking of adding a 3" fatti-o rear tire or even a complete wheel tire combo of 4.25" on the
rear...but that would mean i have to widen the frame for it to fit!
:shock: WOW! That bike is going to be one mean machine! I really dig how the fork ties in the "integral" spring concept already in the frame. We might have a new poster for the screen savers!!!! :mrgreen:
i'm glad somebody else thought the 'spring' concept works...that's why i really liked this springer.
the funny thing is i really can't remember what bike it came off...i'm sure somebody will help out with the info.
found a nice 24" set of wheels that i really liked the look of and the rear is a Toredo 3 speed
which was what i was looking for...placed a set of 3" Fatti-O tires on them and cleaned them up.
might have to re-chrome the outer rims as they had some surface rust.
finally got some time to get some work done on the frame [to get it close to finished].
added the new crank area and bar to hold it all in place. this bike will have a kustom double sprocket
area with one chain set-up driving the rear [original] sprocket, which will in turn drive the
rear wheel [second chain]. if that actually makes sense!
also added some front frame pieces about 8mm wide on either side of the main tube to add to
the plain tube. these will be highlighted later in the paint stage with some striping.

here is the bike with the new tires/look.

also added a rear alloy fender [widened] which i will later chop down in size.

Way cool! Bike has some awsome lines and its a soft tail. Great job...Kelly
g kustom kuhl said:
this bike will have a kustom double sprocket
area with one chain set-up driving the rear [original] sprocket, which will in turn drive the
rear wheel [second chain]. if that actually makes sense!

i understand that. and it's good to be different just for the sake of it ofcourse. :mrgreen:

but what i don't get, or see, is that there needs to be either some method of adjusting the gap between the first and second bottom bracket. is one an eccentric fitment, or will you need a dérailleur in there to tension the chain?
i'm glad you understood it...and yes you are correct...there will be an adjustable chain tensioner
to keep things in check. i have to get all the sprockets needed and mounted, with rear wheel also in place
and then plan out where it will all go. hopefully i can get some work done on the weekend.
you should rock some sweet kustom Z bar's.........

are you mocking up everything on a jig or are you doing everything by eye ???????

i love the look of the bike......
The new tires look great.

Wondering how hard it will be to turn this rig though....better give yourself lot's of room and time. :wink:

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