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this ones been built by eye...and lots of measuring and double checking everything. i have a good
eye for such things and getting them right that way! but sometimes things get done over time and time again
'cause they just don't look right! sometimes i use temporary jigs to get things right/ keep them straight etc..
that's a good the moment i'm thinking i want to build an alloy tanks for the thing so i can
paint a number on then it will have a tank and rear half guard that's polished looking with a gray/green
[old skool looking] color with hopfully some highlight pintriping on the frame.
i want to add some sides to the seat pan and paint it black along with the fork and maybe the bars...and i'm going to try to
leave the chain area all exposed with no guard but i plann that alot and always seem to put one on!
the problem is the more i think about it the more i change my mind!
finally got some time to finish some of the frame...i've added some trim bits or wings on
the rear frame section and welded them all along.

here's another pic from a different angle...hopefully this helps with viewing.

i also added similar pieces to the main frame but more of them. with the main down tube i added one either side
of the tube, then one at the front and one at the back which continues from the newly shaped
gusset. hope that makes sense.
no not yet...haven't had much time lately. i have been working on it here and there. i've now
smoothed the frame-almost ready for primer. i've made a tank for it [which i'll post pics soon] and
i just started the mini chainguard today out of alloy. will post some pics of progress soon!
thanks for that comment...
i've done some work on the seat looked a little slim. after looking at the brooks seat i have sitting around,
it just looked so much better. so i decided to add some sides to the pan i was going to use. i thinking of finishing the
seat in gloss back paint.
here is the seat pan without the sides on it.

here it is with the sides welded into place and smoothed out.
i've since smoothed out the seat with some filler work and is ready for primer.
been working on the tank set-up too. i started off with the desired shape from foam, then fibreglassed
ontop of the foam shape and now i'm in the process of smoothing that out too. again this will be painted gloss black too!
here are soem pics of the tank which will be held in with some chrome clamps on the top tube.


hopefully i should get it finished on sat/sun. and have all the bike in primer and ready for the final
dummy assembly before paint and re-chroming.
Dang fiberglass tank! Great idea! My dad is a master of fiberglass and carbon fiber. A CF tank would be sick! Hmmm...ideas, ideas
I love this build! I need to learn to weld so I can make my own custom frames and stuff. You are very skilled metal worker! Keep us updated on the progress.
thanks for all the great coments...i hate working with glass too but i do love the results you get.
been busy trying to finish this bike and here are some pics of what's happened...
here is the seat pan finished [smooth] and primed up, ready for some color...

i've decide to change the rear fender to a traditional type and color match it to the bike...had to smooth it
out a little and cut it to size. then had to make a bracket that suited the bike, it's off getting chromed now.

i also changed the length and angle of the rear swing arm as it didn't sit right.
frame has been primed up...and i thought i better dummy the build before paint. just to make sure everything works.
i'm now going to run 26" wheels on this one instead of the 24" i had.
here is the mock-up of the rear double chainring set up.

that's now getting re-chromed too.
this pic is the rear wheel spacer pieces i cut out of alloy that will attach to the regular wheel mount on the frame
and hold the rear wheel slightly further back! make sense?

and here it is all welded up and smooth it's getting polished. i wanted it to look like an old skool
drum wheel.

this is the bike mocked-up with out tank before dis-assambly with the 26" wheels i had lying around.
just got it painted last night...and hopefully will start to assemble it today and tomorrow as i need it
finished for saturday when i'm supposed to be dropping it off at a gallery for a art and motorbike show called
"chops & bobbers"...i'll post some pics later.
Man that thing is really coming together. Cant wait to see what it looks like in paint...

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