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finally got it together and had to deliver it to the gallery straight away...
not real happy with the final look as i used the 26" wheels i had lying around because the 24" x3" wheels/tire
combo needed some work and i ran out of time. i think i'll change it back to run the 24" wheels later?!


didn't have time to finish the chain tensioner for the pedal chain ring, or add the speedo cable.
i also ended up changing the plans for the actual color of the main was going to be more of a gray/green color
but i used some color i had lying around.




Umm.... that is freakin cool. Top notch. For some color you just had lying around it looks awfully well planed and executed.
I think it looks perfect as is. It seems like everyone is using 24x3's now, so the 26's make it stand out and help a new-school design seem classic. Plus, that blue is amazing. Its the perfect color to compliment all that chrome and makes the black parts more refined looking.
Awesome bike man. Totally didn't expect something so stunning from what you started with.

An old tandem chain tension trick was to insert a larger chainring between the top and bottom runs of the timing chain.
Yay, bike art! It looks incredible. I think the 26's look fine on it. I wanna see a riding pic with that seat. I like rust pretty well and I love primer even more, but the shiny/chrome look on this bike is spectacular. Yeah, wowsers, it looks old school even though not much about really is. Super, super, nice job.

that is is one aof the best detailed bikes i've ever seen :!:

...but the bolts on the saddle look a little painful :roll: :wink:
what's pain to some is pleasure to others!!!
they don't hurt at all, you don't actually feel them but i haven't yet gone for a long ride?!
so i might end up with a new medical symptom...thanks again for the's great
that others can see the effort, 'cause sometimes I really wonder why/what I'm doing!
ANOTHER work of art!..........If I had the money, I'd fly down and shake your hand!
Cool! I've been waiting for this one to get finished! Came out great! One of my all time favorites!
You and Monster Metal would come up with some sick ideas if you two ever hung out!
Cool! Keep inspiring me please!!!!!

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