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ok i finally got pics of my progress.
mainly mockup to make sure everything works.\and of course they do not so i will have to modify the frame a bit.
but alas here's what i gt so far.

the front is really tall which is fine since im 5 11 so here is the top of the bars.
i am gonna have a custom pair made for this build so these bars more then likely won't stay just being used for mockup purposes

had to tear into the bottom bracket due to a bad sticking problem and not wanting to pedal

the culprt bearings are in need of cleaning and repacking

gonna use this dash panel to make an mp3 mount/speaker i got this form kingfish awhile back and never knew what to use it on so why not twisted sister can't rock without music lol

frame cosmetic work in beginnign stage basically im gonna do the entire frame in this and gonna use body filler to give the frame a twisted look.

chainguard is getting a repaint in black and pink lettering gonna say twisted sister on it

undecided which pedal to use the originals or the ones on the right which are older but slightly different

prepping the tank for paint gonna be black and gonna put twisted sisters logo on both sides

another frame crack!!! dang that's the second one gotta do some more repairs this one isnt all the way thru and i should be able to fix it easily

closeup of the frame issue it doesn't seem too bad off i think i can fix it.

crankset i will be using gonna clean it up and paint it pink

rear drops will definitely need to be widened to accept the 20x3 tire im gnna do about 2 inches each side should be fine.

my other bikes are like how come he won't make up pretty? don't worry in due time all will be pirty lol

last picture was justa joke pic but that's all i got for now next step is finishing the frame mods and finding a chain and a few other odd ball parts i need to make this badby/girl operable then paint and handlebar modifications then wiring the mp3 hookup and speaker.
lot of work to be done but it's going somewhat in the right direction
more updates soon.
thanks luke
i ws actually able to repair it so im still using this frame.
after i cleaned the rust spot it was still good so i just filled in the crack and welded over it now its good to go
will be posting pics of my progress soon my phone is mia so i can't snap pics yet
Hey Sean!!! at least your making progress!!! hoping to get started on mine next week!!!

thanks everyone
luke and rubsterob i was gonna use that dash panel to make a tank but after looking at it i decided not to do that.
finally i figured out what i wanna do with it and so far i like it.
heya jats yeah i got a little but im nowhere even near done yet i gotta do some frame mods and repairs on it as well as work on some of the parts.
this morning when i went in my shop i found a mole eating the front tire.
a least i know where all my flats have come from but now i gotta replace the tire.
luckily i have another white tire to use but i may swap it out with a skinny tire or a sting ray tire but not sure yet.
more updates soon
ok sorry i haven't been updating much i been a lil busy with the holidays
this frame is just not worth using it has way too many cracks in it and after i fixed 4 im still finding them
so im gonna do frame change
i have a huffy mainliner i just tore down and am gonna submit that frame as well as a donor bike for all the parts i need
i also have a pair of forks i want to use with different bars
so for starters im using this huffy mainliner frame pictured

i have built this bike a couple different ways already but just didn't like anything i did with it so it's a good start
and the donor bike since i pan on restoring this hggins frame im gonna pull the parts i need off this one

now those of you who were following the higgins build, don't worry i got plans to do a restore on that one. its a really nice frame and most of the original parts are still in my collection and what i don't have i can easily find so im gonna use the parts off mean green to make the mainliner look good.
the bars and forks will be different and i will post them once i decide which ones to do.
im still gonna use the dash panel to make the mp3 mount and speaker as for one i like the idea and another everyone seems to like that though so im gonna go with it.
more updates soon as well as pics of the rest of the parts im gonna use.
sorry about the frame swap but the girls frame just has too many issues maybe late on i will build it and do a custom frame but for now shes gonna sit in my pile o frame i have.
got a lot pf mockup work done this is definitely gonna be a simple bolt on build not many mods but i like it like that.
so far everything is working.
i might wrap it with camo wrap instead of painting it
i did have to use the forks from mean green the wide ones i wanted to use didn't work right
i may use some araya wheels i got but uncertain just yet.
so with no further adieu here is what i got so far.

the kickstand i need to put on mounts to the rer frame i gota look for a few other parts and will update soon
well the camo wrap is turning out to be quite costly im still looking for the right wrap but the cheapest i found for the 15 feet i will need is 167 buck
not sure i wanna spend,nor can i convince my wife to let me spend that much on a bike lol
we will see what i can come up with
im gonna repaint the chainguard to say camoliner instead of mainliner give it the official burrkraye touch to make it mine
more updates soon
almost done with parts fitting and mockup work here is what i got so far
with the exception of a chain and some tweaking camoliner is ready to roll

had to use redneck engineering(quote from kingfish ) to make the rear brakes work correctly i used a quick release end bolt and a piece of tubing from my scrap pile to make them work correctly

more redneck engineering zip ties make great cable holds

need pads so im gonna have to figure out how to make this stem pad work with the shifter or remount the shifter hence the tweaking needed

i plan on riding camoliner hard and putting him away wet so double frame padding is required plus they make great cable stays as well

front view he looks ready to play just gotta align the bars with the front wheel

might need to replace the wheel adjusters but they work for now

camoliner coming soon to a chainguard near me

not sure if these grips are from a bully or not but that's what the brand says they look cool no matter

that's all for now now i gotta use my brain for something other then a hatrack and figure out how to do the camo theme i like luke's idea of painting it but i am extremely artistically challenged so i will have to figure it out
still may wrap it but unsure we will see
more updates as i get more done
thats a good idea deorman might go with that
luke; thanks their old huffy pads so at least their in the same family lol
need to protect myself i might run a handlebar pad as well if i can find one that fits
forgot to update my plans
once this bike is finished hopefully before the ice is melted, i plan on riding id across the frozen lake where i fish in summertime
gonna talk my g/f into video recording it and we will see what happens
good or bad as long as i make it across alive i will post the vid lol
more progress but mainly just fixing quirks and making it all work.
first adjustment i made was i remounted the rear brakes backwards because they weren't touching the rim just the tire so i simply reversed the brake caliper problem solved right?

nope not right now i got a ratsnest of cables to reroute
but the brakes are working so i think it will be fine.

may have to remove some of the spacers to put more strength on the brake bolts

got the gearshifter mounted differently so i can use the pad n the stem

also got the dash pad where im gonna mount the speaker/mp3 hokups to the bike
quick dash view needs some tweaking but basicaally how it will be

stem pad still not fitting right im gonna have to make one or modify this one it looks like

gonna use this old license plate to make a cover for the speaker so it sounds good

that's pretty much it for now.
next step will be to reroute the cables and wire up the mp3 speaker wires and figure out a chain to use then i can begin painting this badboy
about 50 percent done so im getting close.
more updates soon

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