my winter buildoff .camoliner video added sold

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that might actually not be a bad idea carl!!
at least temporary until i can afford the real thing.
after all threes no mix up duct ape cant fix up right? lol
let me look into that and i will see if it will work
No doubt, if duct tape ain't rat, I don't know what is...

lil snafu i discovered with the dash panel
it likes to catch wind i ran my fan on it and it was shaking so that means if im riding there's a good chance of it coming loose.
so im gonna have to relocate it but im still gonna build it
i have the speaker i wanna use if it will fit
this is the speaker i plan to use it's a bit heavy so i will need to make a mount for it and the dash panel.

it may need a power source since it was a subwoofer speaker but i will see if i can make it work.
more updates soon as i figure this contraption out
we got a rider!!!!
got the chain installed and gearing working correctly.
so the basics are done.
i had to swap the front crank because it is a bmx sprocket and the chain wasn't having it.
so i used a 3 sprocket crank-set on it
had to also swap out the rear derailleur.
so here is the latest updates.

i also decided to add a mudguard fashioned from zip tie and an old occ (i think) rear fender that's seen better days

still working on the dash idea the speaker i got is way to big n heavy so im gonna just buy a mp3 speaker and mount it prolly be a lot easier n better
deorman{ i actually never thought of making them work better but thanks for the info i never knew that.
i just mounted them like that to avoid rubbing against the frame
guess i pulled a homer on that one lol
more updates soon
i like you're thinking pick lol
i think the same thing
whatever it takes to make it all work ive used everything from ductape to chicken wire even used a t shirt to tie a stem that snapped together so i could ride home
surprisingly it actually held relatively well.
The dog ate my homework...:21:
a mole ate my tire...:crazy:

I got a bike that been sitting under an overhang, both tire had hole chewed thru them on the ground side. For years I have wondered ehich of Gods creatures could have done it???
I remember old dudes black lab digging a mole up and barfing all over the car port.
Amazing how one post brought a 20 year mystery to an end!
If anybody ain't figured it out yet... I was one of the class clowns.
You guys keep feeding me material... I'll keep comin' up with crazy stuff...


Carl. :crazy:
ok well the wrap is done
i was at wal mart shopping and i found some gorilla tape with the perfect pattern for what i wanted to do
so 10 bucks later...

basic test application to give myself an idea of how it will be applied

then disassembling and applying the rest

was a serious pain in the seat to make these bottom bracket races fit but their in all greased up and functioning

even did the seatpost in it

far from perfect but it works

mudguard is junk but i managed to get it covered as well maybe it will actually hold now lol

pads reapplied and cables zip tied

front view

gotta touch up a bit on the rear drops but imay just keep it like that

the finished bike

next step is getting this thing on the ice and wiring the mp3 up but for now shes done
vid coming soon of being ridden once i tweak her and get everything done
yeah good thinking
might have to hit the components with primer to kill the shine
there's still a little touching up to do on it
i also gotta either cover or paint the dash pad it's copper color right now and really throws the whole thing off
i actually might cover the bars with the tape as well.
we shall see
I have used gorilla tape before & the adhesive on that stuff is killer! Once it's stuck, it's stuck. Lookin good man!
yea the guard isn't cutting it i think im gonna remove it its in terrible shape anyways.
pick yes that stuff sticks like crazy when i had to remove the spots it was a nightmare.
rennaisance man that's not a bad idea i might do that.
i gotta beaten up the rats nest o cables that are on this thing.
thanks for the idea i like it think im going with it
carl i wish i knew someone i would so do that lol
well shes done for now
decided not to use the dash yet but im gonna use it on the original build i was gonna use before this one.
so here is 2 videos of the bike being ridden
the first one the chain came off on me so its in 2 parts
well now that buildoff is over. it is time to take camoliner out for a ride... or so i thought.
first off the tires had hoes in them( dang mice) so i replaced them with these tires i got forma repair job.
their sarfas tires and good street tires but not good off road tires.
so with that being fixed,i decided to take a cruise on her new feet.
well that went great until my crankset decided it wasn't having any of this anymore and snapped.
since iwasn't using the front gears anyways,i decided to run this 70's crankset on her.
so now that i got the kinks worked out shes once again riding good.
so here she is updated and running strong


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