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I'm a sucker for that textured rock / stone background. The top photo really stands out, but I also like the dumpster shot that picks up your green rims. You are def on the right track. :thumbsup:
I like the angle you took the dumpster pics at.
I like the angle you took the dumpster pics at.

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Well, I have a few details to work out on the bike still in this run to the finish, nearly 30 days now, but am loving the ride this bike gives. More snaps last night. Here is the before and after. It was super foggy last night giving some unique glow!

Set up...

Raw image...

Edit test photo...

Coaster Brake Garage
Step 3: Test a Sample


Make sure you have enough water, soak for 90-120 seconds, that’s longer than the directions state, submerge printed side down, it curls if you don’t, be sure to completely cover with clear acrylic, areas with no or light acrylic wrinkle and FAST, be delicate, it’s thin and tears easy and finally practice! You know, measure twice, cut once [emoji6]

If you are patient, it comes out nice.


P.S. this was my first time using this product.

Coaster Brake Garage
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It's always fun to see when you come out ahead (money spent) in a build. Try this:


Build Value -$400 - Net cost +$63.00!
I was able to flip enough parts to be all good and make some money on this build :crazy2:

My RRBO13 Schwinn cost me around $300 to build, forgot to calculate the cost after parting it.

This should be your final pic


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