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Parts are slowly coming via trades and good deals, remember I’m trying to contradict the high roller-ne$$ of the Cook Culture.


Meanwhile, I was able to hook up with a semi-local member for all this rusty goodness.


Coaster Brake Garage
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Beautiful scenery shots! Where is that?
Getting ready to lay down some colors under the final flat black, just not sure which ones or the layering sequence so it looks correct when I start sanding. I was planning on using these keyboard grips, but then found this set green wheels that I like a lot. Grips are easy to change and much cheaper than wheels...

Give me your thoughts on my Faux Patina?!?


Coaster Brake Garage
With regards to your RaT-ina, I would do a primer red first coat, followed by a dark gray tone, then your black; all in matte .

That way the black will fade into the gray as you sand, and the red will come through just in the deepest places.
Using multiple color shades in the same basic hue is popular right now. I personally think your colors work well together. And the common metallic flavor helps bind them as well.
Paint is looking great. Can't wait to see those grips on it.