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Ok, so, I can’t leave well enough alone.

I hit these wheels with some copper metal cast paint I found in one of my project cabinets. (Just sprayed right over the rust!)

The paint job is sloppy at best with tons of runs. I ran hot water over the can to thin the paint prior to use, in an effort to counter-act the cold, outside, then sprayed them in what turned into snowstorm!!!!! Lol. Didn’t work out as planned!

So, rough paint on the wheels, but they look ok from a distance. It’s sort of ratty anyways, so the runs may add some street cred’

@twojs.bike and @Captain Awesome have directed me to a place where I can score some fresh rubber: Any input on gum wall vs black wall?
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Hmmmm i'd wait till youve got the head set n bars , finish the basic assembly then a better understanding of the color matching will point you in the right direction for tyre color choice!
A few notes here:

1: you can see the runs here

2: I was stunned at the metalcast paint covering, hiding or eliminating the rust.

All I did was wash and degrease the hoops. Although these wheels just had surface rust on them, it was still pretty significant. For anyone’s future reference, somehow the metalcast paint visually wiped out the rust.

Truth be told, the picture below of the original rust looked cool to me and I went to the metalcast paint to actually try to highlight/accent the rust in place
I’m off til Monday!

Let’s get this thing done!

So, I’m not sure of the Schwinn thinking here, but to me this spacing between the fender, fork and tire is awkward.

I’m going to hike the thing up closer to the fork.
I had an old seat post clamp laying around.

-it was close, but not perfect. I added a few washers and 2 neoprene washers and I think this thing is all set.