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I experimented with a few colors for the parts and this was my wife’s favorite.
I did patina it all some. The very few spots I went down to bare metal will get rusty before I coat it.
gotta let it rest for a few days out in the rain. But the tan/black worked well for undercoat colors in my opinion.
I really like that color and fauxtina mix. Nice blend.
Mrs. Dropstep has a good eye.
The upside down head badge has returned.
Wasn’t sure about the black stem or sprocket but they seem to work. Did also buy new black hardware for the fender/backrest mount.
this seat and rack combo fit well together. Makes me happy with this choice.
not a huge fan of the whitewalls so was trying some other tires I have 😂. I may end up going with black wheels. The aluminum color just doesn’t fit.
Diggin' the RaT-ina! Those two 'cool' colors work well together.
I wasn’t going to mess with it today but a family friend gave me another bike so I was in the basement anyway 😂. Painted one of the many mountain bike front wheels I have laying around to check out.
This is the Seafoam blue. Need to look at it more but I don’t think I like it on the back.
I like the green a bit better than the blue.
Didn’t like the whitewall tire at all but this angle really makes me like the green over blue.
Then we got black. I like it and even like the 2.3 wide tires. I wouldn’t be using the Mongoose rims with the red/pink lettering. They just came off said free bike.
I like the contrast with the green rims, but the black stands out nicely too.
For me, the blue rims are the best looking, finishing right after the black rims. There is no wrong choice here.

The knobby tires on that last picture look good too. It gives me that "Ratty, Tractor, Swamp blues" look :happy:

I also hope you can keep the chain tight enough for the hubs to turn great and also keep the chain in the tube/guide.

Awesome build, I have been enjoying this so far.
Another vote for the green rims. Street tires seem to fit the vibe.
Ready to take it out and ride it with the pass thru for the chain.
I’ll try to grab a better photo but the tube + moving the seat stay out some when welding it made for a lot of clearance.
Really digging the funkiness of this.
I just had to rotate the pic so my brain could wrap itself around the cool and wild geometry.

Did a 3 mile loop today. People stare but it rides surprisingly well.
These tires do make it 4 1/4 at the bottom bracket, my original kickstand plan is out 😂

I may play with tires and grips but we have a downtown cruise in 2 weeks I’m taking the bicycle
I actually like those tires better 'out in the wild' than I did in your shop. It takes on different feel with the big knobbies. :thumbsup:

I just had a name modification pop in my head. Something we as kids always used to do, we'd add an 'S to the end of a first name to make the last name possessive. Like Justin's Bell, or Dan's Hunter. Yours would have to be:

"Gomer's Pyle"

It also looks like something dropped on the middle of the bike and bent the front and back together. So "Drop-ped Step" might be appropriate. :hi::bigsmile:
This is just so funky and cool to see as a rider! Well done!!
In regards to a kickstand. Have you thought about cutting a one piece crank to make it a one armed crank and then installing it into the unused bottom BB so you you can swing it down as a stand?
In regards to your build name. I think it fits Goober better than his cousin Gomer. :D :D :D