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Mar 26, 2012
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Welcome to the Rat / Rod Model Kit Bash II ! Last year we had so much fun with the innaugural version of this Build Challenge, that there was no way we couldn't follow it up with Version II !

I'm so stoked that the thread from last year continued with momentum throughout the whole year, with 36 pages and over 700 comments and posts! We had a strong group of builders, with some very creative builds last season. Can't wait to see who and what
we get this season!!

The rules are few and pretty easy. The idea is that you take two or more disimilar model kits and 'bash' them together to form a new and crazy creation of it's own. You can use parts from kits, scratch build parts of your own, or 'rat rod ' it by using items for which model building is not normally intended. :grin:

The official Rat / Rod Model Kit Bash ( RRMKB ) Challenge will officially begin October 15 and run till December 15. We will have a week of voting on the finished projects, and be all 'wrapped up' by Christmas.
( yes, I worked a holiday pun in there; get used to it!) :21:

All the builders will post their builds on this one thread. To keep them more defined and so others will know when you are making a new post about your build, and not just commenting, start it off with the name of your build in all caps, and bold too, if you can. Followed by your builder name. Like this:


My kit bash build this year will be based around the Weird oHs model kit Huey's Hut Rod, and another hot rod car model yet to be determined.
Expect a lot of 'outhouse' humor and some wacky fun as I relive my childhood days of building Weird oHs and other models in my upstairs attic bedroom. Let the Testor's fumes begin!


Lee and hobbies.jpg

Here are some of the builders who participated last year, forgive me if I miss anyone. Let the fun begin!
@KJV @gowjobs @ifitsfreeitsforme @kingfish254 @deven_science @Jake Sensi @us56456712
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thanks a bunch for organizing this. I'm in again this year and really looking forward to it.
I had a blast doing this last year, but I am going to have to watch the fun from the sidelines this year. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.
That Chevy does have the squished look of a Deal's Wheels model.


Gathering parts for my build. Feel free to get your parts list, build ideas, build name, etc started here on the RAT/ROD MODEL KIT BASH II thread. We are only a week out from the official start! Good time to get the momentum rolling!

The other half of my kit bash, a 1950 Chevy truck. Of course, this will be modified.

And, this little guy I found at Goodwill on my way to drive school bus yesterday.


Who's in this year?? I see Ian is on board, who got next?!
Here's my idea off the top. These are hulls for the boat I designed. I built several of each. I originally was going to build the smaller one, but wanted something with more deadrise to at least handle the harbor (foreground). I'll use one of these. I'll either have a giant ground sloth or oversized Bradypus racing it in reference to the books I'm working on now.

@Verrt and others, hope you will join in the fun this year!

I only have one "model" type project on the books right now, and I'm not sure if it fits the scope of the mash up bash.

I'll describe it here and let the the brains trust decide if it's an acceptable entry, with OJ having the final say. It's not totally a mash up, but will require a lot of modifying, making, and 1/10th scale rat rodding.

So, I want to take the two RC cars I posted earlier in this thread (already my starting point could be contentious), and I want to add laser tag to them!

About a decade ago my wife and I bought two "RC battle cars" off the shelf at I think walmart. They were great fun, two mad max/death race looking cars each with an IR emitter in the front, and and IR receiver in the back, plus three LEDs to keep track of hits. The aim being to get behind the other car and tag them with your IR emitter three times.
They were great, but the fun all ended when one got driven through a puddle and never worked again.

So we got the idea to take hobby grade RC buggies that can stand up to the puddles, jumps, and head on collisions that the last ones couldn't.
Then add on the IR combat elements, model weapons, LEDs, sound effects, etc.
This will involve making and programing the electronics, mounting them in the cars, then using model making skills to hide them and make it look like the little model guns are doing the actual shooting.

I've already built and painted the buggies (and then broken mine), as shown in my earlier post, but haven't started on any of the IR stuff or adding on weapons.

Let me know the consensus if this is an acceptable entry. No worries if it's not, I can still post updates in this thread if people are interested.

Hey Verrt and duchess, make sure you post in this year's new thread, not this one which is from last Fall's Model Kit Bash. See my comment #712, 3 above this one for the link.
Reposting from the other thread, as instructed.

Let me know if this fits the scope.
I'm good with it. Blending more than one 'kit', adding in scratch built and other parts, creating something new and likely 'whimsical' as a result. That was what I had in mind for this Challenge from the start.
Here’s my build:

looks done to me....
The idea behind a build off is that everyone competing builds at the same time. So as awesome as that truck is, it isn't eligible unless you're planning on blowing it apart and kitbashing it into something new.


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