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1 On the Hole and 4 On the Floor

In an effort to maintain momentum and perhaps attract some more builders, I will continue to post updates on my 1OH4OF build. I'm also possibly going to change the name as well, so stay tuned!

I bought the little Monster Truck toy at Goodwill for $1.29, and was really pleased to find just what I wanted for wheels and tires to turn my '50 Chev pick up into a bonified ratified monster truck. I also found after a couple attempts at mounting the wheels, that I needed to use the 'suspension' pieces of the toy as well. Trying to 'lift' my spirits, as it were.

Hacksaw and box cutter were my friends to slice and dice up the toy car to get what I needed.

View attachment 175679
View attachment 175680

As you can see, I ran a screw through the 'suspension' piece, and into the axle hole on the '50 Chev chassis. Then mounted the axle and wheel / tire from the toy through it's original axle hole.

View attachment 175681

View attachment 175682

Pretty happy with the stance. I also inserted the 'glass' in the cab, and then sprayed the whole truck (minus the tire / wheels) with a Matte Clear to tone down any shiny that might be left. It actually looks duller in person, the overhead florescent lights add the glare.
Without the lift and painted green and that's my grandfather's truck. One of the first vehicles I ever drove. No license, just shoveling out the barn and fertilizing my grandparents' one acre garden.
@Imaginos ,that is cool! We had a '49 Dodge truck that was similar, used it to do farm chores and haul corn and potatoes into the Farmer's Market in our town. Wish we would have had that long enough to when I would have had space to store, and restore it.

Did a little bit of cutting...
Opened the back of the cab up a bit but created some tabs to go in some existing slots on the chassis. Then I removed the part of the chassis that held the front axle. I put a bit of a rolled lip to continue what the chassis did between the front and back and to keep it sturdy. Still have to create the "Highboy" springs but not until I have some front wheels. But can you smell what I'm cooking in spite of Big Aire??? 😀

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Okay! With the help of some very creative minds, here is my new build name....


And here's a quick update from the BACK40 for some 'filler'.
Can you smell what ol OddJob's cookin'? :wondering: :bigsmile:


BaSh oN~!
Ok I'll post some more info...
Planned motor mod will be a cut out in the steel hood and 8 velocity stacks coming up from the block. It should look pretty radical/1960's style, I may try and get some plug wires and a "distributor" in there too. I've also got an idea to "Hardwire" my figure to enhance his cyberpunk look as he already is a mechanical-biological figure. Paint will be last, since I'm assembling this in steel like the Tonka chassis and body. I'm also trying to keep the tab and slot construction going with the occasional sheet metal screw to attach some details. There will be some Erector set bits showing up. What are the rest of you guys doing?

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I'm sculpting a giant ground sloth figure to pilot the speedboat. I'm going to see about 3D printing the tail fins and a 1:12 scale Bizzarrini Lamborghini V12 (oversized as the boat is 1:18) with some exaggerated exhaust and prop I'll probably form by hand. Not sure what I'm doing for a stand yet.
Dec. 1?
Got my front wheels sorted out, I nicked half of the dually setup on the little jeep. I also nicked the tow rig rebuilding it on a longer platform...

Front end is still propped up but it's getting there. Buffed up the patina on the cab too. I don't think I'm going to paint it after all. I'll save all that work for the MBBO...

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The build challenge runs Oct 15 - Dec 15. Still plenty of time to get you builds started!
Thanks to Carl and Duchess for jumping in to the pool of model bashers this year. There is still room and time for more to join in on the fun! It would be great to have another 3-5 builders show off their creative model building skills.

The weather is changing here in the north country. Our daytime temps are low 50's F for highs. This is the time of year when I used to huddle into my corner desk in our attic bedroom and as the cold wind and rain / snow pounded outside, I would pound away on model building inside.

The garage is my 'haven' for model building this year, as it was last year, and so last night I turned on the heater and got some work done on Huey, my driver for the '50 Chev powered portable potty.

Here he is in all his 'glory' ....?



BaSh oN~!

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