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I was at Walmart and AMT has come out with models from the 50's , 60's, I just bought a couple of chopper trikes with Honda 4s in them and recliner type seats...........Curt

I remember building a chopper trike from a lazy-boy recliner chair back in the 70s. We did this out back behind a Volkswagen shop in Layton Utah, and it was powered with a Volkswagen engine. In front.

With the VW engine in back you couldn’t really steer the things, because the front wheel was always off the ground. But the lazy-boy trike steered great, because there was a lot of weight on the front wheel.

But the noise and the heat blast coming off the engine was rather uncomfortable on hot days.

That was the boss’s trike, and I remember he destroyed it when the front brake locked up and he skidded into a bollard.
Printed rails for scratch built bicycle roof racks. Better than slicing straws from my kids Capri Sun juice boxes lengthwise.

How did I miss this? My very first model kit build was a 1959 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible, by AMT. I was 10 years old. I added fins, louvers, scallops, etc. Looking back, it was ugly as heck. After that, I guess I built 50 1/25th-/1/24th scale car models. Every year , my mom would raid my collection, carefully spacing the models so that it looked like nothing was missing. She donated them to to church bazaar. It became a major point of contention between us. I loved AMT, but Revell had some mighty Mopars in Metalflake, which I really loved. Somewhere, I have a '64 Ford Thunderbolt kit which my son gave me as a gift. I'll try to find it. This is truly a blast from the past.
Here is the Porsche 1/43 scale 930 Turbo I safari’d. 3D printed roof basket, scratch built roll bar and push bar, tailpipe and roof bars (aluminum tubing). Wheels came off one of my kids cars. (shhhhh)


Taking a break from trying to adhere 35 year old 1/43 scale dried and brittle water slides on the Jaguar


So here’s another Porsche Turbo I safari’d. 1978 Matchbox



You can see in background that I’m starting the Z. Looking more monster than safari presently.
Improved stance x2


Maybe I’ll do the Bronco in that outlandish Japanese custom style, what’s it called? The z’s valance sticking out reminds me of it.
From low rider to gasser. Dig it.

This one started life as an Ertyl. I gasser’d it years ago so I don’t remember where the engine, wheels and other parts came from.


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