RRB BO 13 Discussion Thread....feeling lucky?

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Mar 26, 2012
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Maplewood, MN
So, it's March now. Soon the WBO will be wrapping up and we come to that time of the year when thoughts turn to Spring, warm weather, and the start of the next RRB Build Off!

Just wondering if anyone has an inkling of what they might build for the 2018 rendition of the BO?

I have some parts laying around the BACK40 that I am thinking of using. They aren't 'old' per se, but they are a pile of parts that would all work together to create a bike that hearkens back to yesteryear, yet is as hot as any current bike out on the market today. Possible name: "Monster Mash-up"......:nerd:

Let's hear what ideas you've got ' rolling ' ......:forum:

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I have some possibilities now, since I’ve acquired some bikes and parts just recently.

One is an old girls bike (an old bike for girls, not a bike for old girls) which was originally going to be cut up to modify another frame, but I can’nae do it. I’ve researched it and found that it’s a Rapido Super Deluxe from the Czech Republic. It’ll now be built for my great-great-niece who started school this year. It’ll probably be muscle-bike style, like it would’ve been originally, so I’ll leave it until the Muscle Bike Build Off assuming there’s going to be one later this year.

So that leaves the other acquisitions to choose from if I decide to participate.
They are:
New Zealand Raleigh ladies bike from 1957
New Zealand Raleigh 20 from 1970s
USA Murray Monterey from 1982 (hard to get old American bikes here, so snapped it up)


However, I’m not too sure if I’ll be participating because I have this issue where I suddenly, and for no apparent reason, loose interest in things. For example, when the current Winter Build Off started, I was all keen and put up two proposed builds… Quadruped and Healing. I’ve since lost interest again and I’m struggling to finish the Healing and haven’t even started on Quadruped.

So it depends on ‘how I am’ as to whether or not I participate. :rolleyes:

All I can say at this moment is that I am looking for some giant rubber bands
Won't give away too much but mine will end up having lots of gears and polished parts....:p...have come up with a way to save on parts but still end up with something that performs well.

Oh and it will be here Monday...:)

You know I'm excited about this bike OJ....(he knows all about it because he helped pick it out).

We also might be rocking the same brand of build.

Wouldn't say I'm "feeling lucky" but looking forward to this year's shenanigans..:cool2:

All I can say at this moment is that I am looking for some giant rubber bands

Like the sound of that if it means what I think it does..:39:
I'm afraid i wont be participating that one, because i have a lot of study to do and then in the summer time i am planning to travel to CSI Amsterdam, so it probably would take me the whole month.
But if everything goes well there is a chance i will build another scratch build, by the plan i have mocked up last year. Then if it will fit fell to time frame - i could post it for build off :)
All ^ of those ideas sound intriguing ! @Glen , maybe you could just post a finished build photo as your starting photo and skip all the drama in between? :giggle: "...an old bike for girls, not a bike for old girls" You crack me up!

@Falstaff , ever the secretive one you are. Watching and waiting....:nerd:

@kingfish254 , all I can think of is this.....

@Chad T , it's gonna be swee-T with a capital T ! :wink1:

@Starnger , my boys went to Amsterdam last Fall. Really enjoyed it. I am digging your build during WBO, look forward to your next one, whenever that might be.
Any body else feeling lucky 13? Bueller?
Due to the oversaturarion of build-off’s on this site, it’s makes it real tough to get excited about the next one around the corner..:thumbsup:

It's ' Due to the over saturation of build-offs on this site, it makes...'

Due to the bad grammar used in your comment, it makes it real tough to get excited about having to read it. :thumbsup:
Due to the oversaturarion of build-off’s on this site, it’s makes it real tough to get excited about the next one around the corner..:thumbsup:
I's not real excited about them too many Build Off's neither.
Them seem too bee to frequency four us common folks two git enthusiastically about.

Thought of an idea for a BO theme for you two...:thumbsup:

Have some thoughts on MBBO. Need to finish WBO, only I have no room for it as a complete.

May salvage parts off my last MBBO and make it more rideable with new frame and some tweaks. That will create some space.
Actually putting one together this year. The competition is usually pretty stiff and I don’t have much time, but I have a whole lot of parts that are just sitting around. I have an aluminum cruiser frame hanging in the basement that I want to ride....

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I'm not sure I agree on the thinking that there's too many build offs to get excited about theory. I mean, nobody is forced into participating. The BIG build off that runs spring into summer is still the main attraction. I'd guess the Muscle Bike BO is probably the second most popular. The WBO seems to be whatever happens to sound fun heading into it, we've had offroad and vintage build offs in recent years, and it fills the void in between the RRBBO and the MBBO. Three BO's a year with a month off in between each, seems to be a nice balance to me. The camaraderie here, and the people I've met because of rides and shows, keeps me interested even if I can't compete in every build off.