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Hmmm. They Look really big on that 20" frame...

For now, They will sit on here until a better fitting set is found
It might just be the angle of the pic, but they look bigger than the bike!
Definitely a few inches wider than bicycle bars. I'd setal the bars off of, and put these on That Blue Bike, but would need to figure out a different shifter setup.. and a different neck . Hmm...

I was thinking that too, but maybe it all depends on whether the seat is going to be large enough?
Seat will be a stingray seat that recovered for in violet. Purple metallic spray paint over yellow faux suede. Used cut up tape to make the pattern.


Still figuring out how it will be recovered with. I have a plain black one somewhere. Maybe that will be a better start..
The proportions are perfect! I’m digging it.
Thank You twojs, I like them better now too! Seat set mid-height to the apes, and it all looks correct.

Found the black skinned banana. It is no where near as comfortable as the stingray seat I triple padded.

Took its cover off and washed it. Thinking some racing red rit should help it match.

I may also want a shorter sissy. Will pick one out next and change it over.

Figured I would spend some time on the seat. Got it almost ready to sew back together


Stingray seats are my second favorite banana to recover. Holes sit further back like they should over the sunlit seats available now. American muscle tops my list with the double pan.

Gonna sew the wire back on next.
Sweet bro, lovin that fade on the paint job and the seat looks like itll turn out awesome! great choice's
Thanks Son of Kradus!

I spent 20 minuts and modified the seat skin before putting the wire on it this morning before work.

Pic of how it is now...

Shifted a little in the loom, but for a bike seat, I figure it doesn't have to be 100% square
That is one bad looking bike !! Looking sweet !
Thank You @Oldbiscuit . 😊

Funny what adding BMX tires, BMX styled sissy bar and BMX mags do for a Muscle bike!

Heck, if I added BMX forks, BMX bars and swapped the tires front to back, it would be 100% BMX, modeled after a Schwinn Mag Scrambler.....
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