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Parts on this saddle cleaned up quite well. All painted and ready to be recovered.
$5 seat plus $15 shipping (go figure). From what I have read, it appears to be a cheap French made 1970s saddle. With all of those extra letters (ADGA La Chatillonnaise 28A), its got to be French, rite? I am going to try @crazydave58 method for rejuvenation.


Found this old Wrights saddle in a parts bin and paid $5 for it. It looked pretty sad but a scrubbing with saddle soap, application of leather conditioner, reshaping of the leather brought back it’s original brown colour and beauty.
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I finally got around to working on my 50ish year old saddle. It was in very bad shape with sharp creases at the cracks everywhere making it unuseable. Neither a blue or brown scotchbrite would smooth them out so I did what would probably make a lot of people cringe, and lightly sanded it smooth with 200 grit sand paper. Using lexol, I gave it a good cleaning then conditioned it on both sides and reshaped the lower cover. Its not perfect but very ride-able for my next bike.

Yeah, I got one of those ADGA saddles as part of a Fuji Folder deal I picked up a few years back. Probably the most valuable part of the bike, actually. They were very common on Peugeot UO-8s in the '70s.

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