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I have a 1 bedroom apartment I run as a BnB, included is a bike for each occupant. This is 1 of my women's bike butt. On a Dyno with all the goods.
I love this thread, great ideas in it.


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I put a banana seat on to try it out, it was great but a little narrow, thin padding. I knew from bicycle shop working in the 80s not all seats are the same....
So i searched ebay for different looking nanna seats, got lucky my first try! Little details like more side area, strengthening rib down the middle, and thicker padding.
Well the Schwinn forum still shut down for a month, I am here for a visit. This thread I can add to with a couple small different details.....



Added a Sturmey 3 speed to my Street Series Stingray XL.

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