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Rear fender of my '39 Firestone Flying Ace by Huffy.
I like low side-mount style rear reflectors on bicycles and have been setting client bikes up that way recently. They get a reminder to be cautious of it when parking the bike, or wheeling it through confined spaces. I'd reckon in countries where they drive on the left side of the roadway, the reflector would be mounted on the other side. Strong Work, @Speed King

Madmen crawl
Across the wall
Knight gets away
Kings all fall
Queens chase men
Saints all sin
And good things
All must end

But she goes on forever
She goes on forever
Yeah, she's gonna shine
Like a diamond
In the sunlight
I recommend fixing that predicament @Jude Ephesus ! As stated, mine seems to be working very well. :thumbsup:

While I'm here I may as well share this.....View attachment 216306
Epic! I love all these unique ideas ! The eyeball is awesome !

when I’m on my workout rides, I typically DO wear a full rosary around my neck, (in case I get squished) which used to be considered blasphemous by some. (So, its indirectly on my bike!)

—I do use it daily for the purpose it is made for, which is supposed to get me a “pass” on wearing it!

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