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I have a 12'x20' garage that two years ago had no insulation and no ceiling. It does have 3 windows and a skylight so it was a pleasant place to work from March to November. Been a carpenter most of my adult life.

Electrical upgrade-113.jpg

Building stuff-103.jpg

Two years ago I updated the electrical and added a lid and insluation. Huge improvement.

Then last summer I started my first bicycle resto-mod. Note the woodworking machinery sharing space.

It was getting squeazy so I put the bandsaw, jointer, table saw, dust collection and other "wood things" in storage.

I'm semi-retired and work as a designer and construction manager for about half of the year so I can afford my latest expensive hobby.


Love the Rat Community!


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That’s a lotta stuff in a small shop, but it looks efficient, and clean. Some things mine never much is.

I drew a lot of wood at work, but I’m a crummy woodworker myself. I never had any wood shop classes at all, and I normally do as little as I can manage. I’m definitely not doing complex Japanese joinery.

My table saw and compound saw sit outside under a tarp, and I thank myself for not buying more expensive saws.
@Ulu I'm the opposite, wood has been my medium for a long time but suddenly it's working with metals that has my interest.
I have a little welder and torch setup but I'm not comfortable enough yet to try welding bicycle frames.
Fortunately I have builders like yourself to learn from!
Well believe me, the feeling is mutual. That’s one of the reasons I come here: for the education!

I did a lot of drafting as an engineer, and TIG welding is a lot like drafting for me. You have to keep a close hand and a close eye on everything as you were doing it. Welding is kind of the same thing only while people are shooting at you.

Anyhow it’s always exciting for me when I light up the torch or step on the pedal. It’s the thrill of the experiment, you know?

The thing about welding is that the consumables are expensive, so it costs a lot just to practice. It’s 50 bucks to fill my argon tank now, and I could blow through it in one day of welding.

I always had access to electric welders in various places that I worked (or from friends) but this is the first that I’ve ever owned, and it is a big adventure.
It’s because we break ’em, and there’s not many old ones left. I broke my Schwinn. It’s part of the journey…

My sister’s Schwinn (Stingray clone, I painted dark Jade) would be in solid condition had I kept it. (She gave it away in ‘74 after we built her a ‘67 Mustang fastback.)

Anyhow, my point is that girls bikes do not see 1/10 of the abuse. Of course they also suffer equally from the weather. ;(
Spot on. I have to deny heavier riders a try because they've come back warped. At about 175 with daily use I go through one a year which is why I started building back-ups two in advance. Funny thing is, when I was building my first every rider I knew warned me that I'd soon be collecting bikes. I said I'd probably stop at two. They were right.
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10 years ago I tossed all my hanging 4’ fluorescents and put up 8 LED can lights in the garage
They only use 22 watts each but it’s brighter than with 8 typical 40 watt tubes.

I have changed the entire house, and both sheds, and all the outdoor lighting over to LEDs.

I only have one 4’ tube fixture left, outside over my big grinder. It’s an indoor fixture, and I figured it would corrode and die in short order outdoors, but it’s been there at least five years now. Some of those fixtures didn’t last that long indoors.
I put one in one of my kids’ bed room…. Things are like BLOW TORCHES! Great and easy investment for any shop.

I dig the baby blue bike ‘on its back’ too!

What is that blue bike? When I saw the welded kickstand I thought it was a Schwinn, but the rest of the bike doesn’t look like a Schwinn.
I put one in one of my kids’ bed room…. Things are like BLOW TORCHES! Great and easy investment for any shop.

I dig the baby blue bike ‘on its back’ too!
What is that blue bike? When I saw the welded kickstand I thought it was a Schwinn, but the rest of the bike doesn’t look like a Schwinn.
Thanks Guys!!
Thanks Captain for posting the BlueX Thread
Yep one of my favorite bikes ever. I’ve put a done of miles on this one.. now the shop is up and running look for this bike to make a return so!
I was just finishing a bamboo sign project when my new shelves showed up. My brother in law hand crafts furniture the old school way. I ordered up this to replace the cheap plastic cabinet I've been using. Now my bench, storage box, and shelving unit are all hand made here in the Philippines. All on wheels so it's easy to clean the place up. I'm just waiting for the varnish smell to go away.

My bike box and workbench are made of the same stuff. So is my desk, pantry and numerous other furnishings at our place.

Pantry being built:
handmade carpentry.jpg

Bike boxes and workbench. We slide them together and put tablecloths on them and have a long buffet table for parties:

Here are a couple of images:

Looks to be a old bike shop of days gone by. Bike and old motorcycle shops like this are sooo cool. Many like wheels thru time and Barbers come to mind.

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