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Picked myself up a 1980 Schwinn. Mostly all original minus the saddle, tires and grips. Not gonna do much to it besides make it a good stock rider again.
Swapped the bars and stem on my 20” stingray, also threw on some Thompson ball end grips. This bike is officially set up for old man riding. It’s perfect.
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I like this bike so much that I had to upgrade it a bit. Had to put on a new wheelset too. I wanted more tire options then the Schwinn size. Quick rattle can paint job and cleaned up some of the chrome bits.
Riding this bike puts a smile on face every time.
By chance was it shipped out of Indiana? I had one a few years back that looked identical, had a padlock stuck on it, headbadge was upsidedown, and same colors even.
Picked up this 1980 Schwinn today. This one lived it’s life by the beach. A blue one has been has been on my want list for a while.
Mismatched rims and a bent inward fork means I get to add a straight fork and coaster brakes to it.
Next is a root beer colored one.

Recent find went thru a full swap of parts. Only thing left from its original form is the Schwinn bearings, Crankset and headset. Built up some Araya rims with a redband coaster and a blue high flange ACS hub wrapped in GBP Snakebelly’s. Blue 39t chainring off of a team Murray BMX, SR stem, non Schwinn bars, chroke straight forks. Quilted Mesinger BMX saddle I think off of a Motomag.
It rides good, smooth and I really like how the blue really pops with a coat of boiled linseed oil.
Picked up this 20” Redline Roam for $20 at a thrift store. Not sure its worth but I’m gonna try and flip or strip it down if it doesn’t sell.
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That's a great score! Should be great for some kid to shred the neighborhood. You could probably sell it for $100 or more and still make someone happy with the deal
As we cruise every morning over to my daughters school I’m usually looking for stuff to pick up, flip or keep. Today I came upon this sweet Akorn grill. It’s been sitting in someone’s yard for a while. Took it home and with some elbow grease it’s good as new again. Just need to season the grills.
A little before and after shots.




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