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What he said! 👆
Funny. I read this whole thread hoping to figure out what happened to this one! Not sure why, but I really like it. Has a rasta vibe.
This bike is a keeper.
Currently sits like this, but with 2 flat tires.

I can’t explain it, but for some reason I love that bike. 62 Typhoon is now on my wish list. Also something about the paint and colors. I am already planning a future build of using this bike as inspiration!
I miss mine had this beauty years ago and got rid of it. Had the perfect patina on it just had to remove the resprays and didn't have the heart to paint it after so I cleared what was left of the original paint and it turned out awesome.
@MattiThundrrr didn't notice that. Mine was a Schwinn Tornado but still a very similar look.
One day someone searching online for hours will find this picture and info useful…
Yes your 20” Schwinn with 160 cranks will fit on your Thule Big Mouth Upright bike mount.
I took a gamble on them and bought them from CL, installed them and was surprised that it clamped perfectly to the down tube. We went on a camping trip, 300+ miles and the bike was held securely.
I like this bike so much that I had to upgrade it a bit. Had to put on a new wheelset too. I wanted more tire options then the Schwinn size. Quick rattle can paint job and cleaned up some of the chrome bits.
Riding this bike puts a smile on face every time.
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New kicks!


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I’m a big fan of simple one piece cranks, but really wanted to use the shimano 600 set I have.


Snatched the forks off of my other 20” and also added the extended v bars. Solid aluminum post from Genuine Bicycle Products.
Luckily I had a matching set of 20” wheels laying around and it comes with a shimano coaster brake.

Prob swap out the tires and add some gumwalls.
Different angle.
I really enjoyed building my 20” Schwinn Phantom Scrambler.
When I bought it, it was a painted over frame with a stuck 7/8 seat post as seen below


I was surprised to find the original blue paint and some of yellow water slides were still underneath the top coat.


At first I wanted to be a little different then the rest of my bikes and give it some 3 piece cranks and a lightweight set of wheels.


But as things moved forward, I decided that I can’t go wrong with a one piece Schwinn Crankset, Schwinn bottom bracket and a mongoose snowflake chainring.


I swapped out the wheelset and added some chrome femco wheels with some old gumwalls I had laying around.


Buttoned it all up with some vintage moto grips, SR stem, extended v bars and some crusty rusty rat traps.
The more I swapped off the bike the better it was coming out.




I think it came out great!


Other parts include a solid aluminum 13/16 seat post with a 7/8’s top and 1982 Wald straight fork.

What do you guys think?
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