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I have a few spare multi-speed capable Schwinn chainrings that are not from doubles such as the ten-speed one you are currently unusure of using. If you decide against that one and want a Schwinn chainring, I'll get one to you if you wish.
KCI, you’re awesome! Thanks for that offer. I’ll send you a message through Messenger.
This is the small ring gear. If I planned to keep this one on this bike I would shorten the chain a bit, but I’m thinking about using one from an old Monogoose or either taking up KCI’s offer.
I realized that the issue I was having with the chain not fitting the sprocket was that I was using the wrong width chain! DUH 😒 The correct 1/2x3/32 will be here this week so I will be changing back to the ring gear I originally planned to use. It was actually Karate Chicken that made me realize this when he offered up a chain ring to me. Thanks KCI! I’ll get this taken care of then start working out the handlebar situation.
As fate would have it, I received both the brake levers I ordered PLUS the red SNAFU locking grips! Then my buddy called to tell me that he could work me in this evening to bore the Black Ops quill to fit a 1 inch handlebar! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!! I still need to finish routing the cables and I’ll be removing the 70’s style shift and using the newer SIS shifter on the handlebar. I still got a few things to do, but I’m getting pretty close to the finish line!
LOVE this build. One of the first ratty projects I ever did (and one of my favorites) was swapping parts off a 26" Ross Europa 10-speed onto a clapped-out Speedster to make a faux Collegiate. It has since been reconfigured, and I have added a few other camelback frame Schwinns to my collection.
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I LOVE this sprocket. OddJob is giving me a FREE sprocket (thanks OddJob) but I REALLY wish I could have found a 3-spoke. I looked online many times, but no luck. Beautiful bike!
I just went back and reread your RRBBO 16 thread. You have some great looking Camelbacks! I’ve got a small collection of them myself. A Fastback 5 spd, another Fastback frame, the Speedster I’m working on, another 26” frame and 2 27” 10 speeds. And that’s only the camels! I need to let go of some of my bikes. I have way more than I have room for….
Nice! The 27" Varsity camelbacks have eluded me thus far... I'd like to find one of them. I also have a rider Fastback and a project Fastback. And I also need to thin the herd... :bigsmile:
Okay, I cleaned up the routing of the brake lines and switched the 70’s style shift lever for a newer thumb shifter with SIS technology. Shifting though the gears on the bike stand works well, but I haven’t taken it out for a test ride yet. Thunder storm is moving through Murfreesboro so test ride and pictures will have to wait until tomorrow.
Well we have finally gotten a sunny day that I’m not busy with other things….well I am actually busy with other things, but I took the time to take a picture while the sun is out! The front sprocket has been swapped out with the one originally on the Collegiate and the only thing left to decide is if I want the chain guard on or off. 🤔 What do you guys think?
After riding Splegiate a few times I came to the conclusion that I am too fat to have the handlebars and seat that close to the crank! It made breathing difficult! 😝 So I raised the seat about 2 inches and replaced the handlebar with one a little taller. The result is no breathing issues! Yeah!
I went back and forth on using the chain guard or not but finally decided to leave it on to keep this bike from looking so much like a regular 27” Varsity.
That is looking sweet! Love the new red accents to it.

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