BO15 Splinter (or how I learned to love a LOT of sanding)

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This build has an epic scale to it. I sure wish there was time for you to fit it into the build off timeframe. Either way, I'll be excited to see you continue it.
Can I offer you this nice egg in this trying time?
I honestly wish I was furloughed or had to work from home during the pandemic, but my work has been busier than ever and I haven't had much free time or energy to devote to it.
Any progress on this concept? I enjoyed following it when it was posted and thought I would
I had totally forgotten about this one!


Crazy concepts for you to look over
Thanks Captain, appreciate the bump on this topic :thumbsup: and absolutely love this thing! I would not go for plywood personally, but it fits this beast.
Lots of beautiful ideas like the hidden chain and the wheels with the hub.

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