Sure Death, 1965

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Man, is that Rodney Mullin on the screen?! That's the guy who INVENTED the new school. I was thinking about the Animal Chin movie when Ingola posted that 35th Anniversary Rad GT.

*Thanks for mentioning the feet, wouldn't have noticed if you didn't

Some I sold...
Haven't been on skateboard in years theres a gab in town called the fifth Street gap @MattiThundrrr knows what I'm talking about some of my oldest daughters friends were trying to go over it but chickened out in the end I got up and grab one of there boards in all my cool dad glory and off I went landed fell on my butt couldn't walk right for a week. 10 years later and a whole generation of kids now refer to place where Savannah's dad busted his ***
The look on the kid's face is priceless.
"Ok, ok, enough old dude, just let me ride it!"
Ha! Matti, Don’t jump to conclusions.

He’s not looking at me. He’s looking at his sister, out of the photograph, who is holding this monster longboard.

Of course he had to ride it next.
That board little Anthony Junior is holding is my biggest heaviest custom longboard. The littlest guy in the whole family had to ride the biggest board. Ha! Go get ‘em tiger!

I designed and built it for exercise only. This thing weighs 14 pounds so when you get it moving it has quite a bit of inertia for a skateboard. I spent almost $1000 to build this (including air freight.)

You can’t buy those trucks. They were CNC’d for me from a custom program.
This set is on a different board.

No more have been made, so I only own the only three sets in the world. They are super stable and I’ve had that board over 45 miles an hour downhill. (Once!) Super stable but it scared the .... out of me. Normally I just pushed it around for miles and miles to lose weight (and it worked.)
This is the Bluehaven pool cue “Fat Cue” model. Anthony rode a similar board, called the Argyle ocean (because I painted it Argyle.) Huge tail slider was made from a plastic kitchen cutting board.


You’ll never see another set of these customized trucks, ever, as I only made two sets, and I kind of destroyed one truck to make bicycle parts.

Those hangers are from the “Original Co.” S10 truck, and the base plates are from Ace trucks.

To make it work, the hangers are chopped off, spot faced, drilled and tapped for a custom pivot pin, shaved, and with custom bushings.

The top board on this rack is the Argyle Ocean.

The same Fat Cue board, but with completely different wheels, grip, trucks, paint, etc.

The second one down is named “Longo”. I cut that down from a 54 inch double kick dancer. It’s the board that I ride the most and love the most.

I need to get these out of the garage and take some real photos, but the sun is not even up yet.
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Just as a point of historical context, there is skateboarding, and then there is longboarding. Four wheels and the board, but totally different styles and purposes of riding.

I was a member of a skate boarding forum (Silverfish) dedicated mostly to longboarding; and after a while there it became a point of contention that the longborders would call the other skaters shortborders. They would refer to longboarding and shortboarding as different styles.

Which is true, but many people complained that there is “no such thing as shortboarding”. It was just skateboarding, and the term shortboarding was seen as pejorative, and a raw insult.

Please understand that I never judge anybody by the length of their wood. It’s not really about the size, but about stability at raw speed. Regular skateboards wobble out bad about 20 miles an hour.

The 85 mm Seismic Speed Vent wheel. A young fellow named Misho Erban (I hope I spelled that correctly) rode a set of these 85 mm wheels to 85 mph downhill!

People say that there are even faster unofficial speeds recorded. I am certain I’ve never had them even half as fast.
Dang, I have a buddy that has a toe like that. You're sure that's your thumb?
Sure is if I turn it sideways it's flat and the finger nail grows in two different preices and direction I can also put staples in as party game

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