Sure Death, 1965

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Amazing collection there!
This was my first board. 1964

My friend had the same one with a shark on it.

Anyhow, because of the foot prints, I built a number of boards over the year with footprints on the grip.


That board is The Longo which I carved down from a 54 inch double kick dancer.
This is my typical every day board for long distance pushing and pumping.

The front truck is the Indeesz from Surfrods. This truck has only a little rake, so steers quickly, plus is wedged up and mounted to kicked up nose, to give it extra turning speed.

Wheels are reflex formula BigZigs from ABEC11. These are not the favorite choice for downhill sliding antics, but they do return the most energy, upon impact, of any wheel. This is what makes a wheel bounce, and what makes this board easier to pump.

The urethane formula stores and releases energy rapidly, without generating heat like typical non-reflex formulas.
The rear truck is a Cindy, and both of these are CNC machined from aluminum.

Rear wheels are reversed to reduce the track. There is no wedge on the rear but it does sit on the kick up.

All of these differences between the front and rear of the board are set up to make it turn fast in the front and hardly at all in the back. This all allows you to pump the board down the road. Every bit of the design is geared just to that activity.

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