SwingThatMuscle (no welds SwingBike) done 👍

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Of the four shots I like the top shot as well.

I also like some of the action pics above with the greenery in the background. Any similar shots with just the bike?
Love this build and love how much fun you are having with it! It all just flows together super cool!
I think #1 is the best pic too. Well done brother!!!!

Those two bike halves remind me of two other swingers from the 70s.

Just had made a beautiful set of beach pictures and videos in the evening sun and now my phone ate them up and left me with black jpegs...
All I've got left is this foto...

...and this short video
Today I managed to redo my beach sundown foto shoot and when I was getting some backed goods for breakfast this morning, I also redid the video (see my first post in the finished thread) :wink1:

Some of the shots could be contenders for the show pic but I might be runnin' out of time for editing...






Feedback is appreciated as always...
Quick question for the swing bike experts, do the front and back pivot points need to be parallel to each other ?
It depends:
If you go for a bit a dynamic riding style, then parallel is good and the bike really leans into the curve (at least that's what mine do) as the whole bike tilts over into the angle of the headtubes towards the horizontal bars when you start swinging.
On the classic swingbikes both headtubes are angled towards each other (tops closer together than bottoms). This makes the bike probably more stable when the wheels roll side by side and probaly makes doing tricks a bit easier. (Disclaimer: That's an assumption of my side, as I never tried an original one)