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Jul 24, 2008
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Eugene, Oregon
So here's my project so far...

I wasn't gonna attempt the build-off, but after some razzing(thanks Mr. Farrell) I decided I may be able to accomplish it in time. After I finish re-assembling my wife's Hawthorne that I tore down(see the green bike in my pictures) and repaint and re-gear it. If anyone needs any Split-tooth parts, let me know...
But back to my prospective build...
I plan on painting it red, putting tall bars on it, and possibly using a 5-speed rear wheel and a stickshift on it.
The frame was bought on Ebay for $40 including shipping. All the other parts will be coming from a few parts bikes I have around... An old Huffy 5 speed beachcruiser and a huffy trike(I think those 2 will become one... and I'll call it the ZenTrike)... I'll keep y'all posted. And if I don't meet the deadline, I'll move this to the builds section...
This is my first build per se... I've done my fair share of making old rusty bikes work and building motorcycles and cars, but I've never put together a bike from scratch...
So I'll have pictures up tomorrow, but I got my wife's bike painted(she has dubbed it the Penguin's Revenge, becasue of her love of penguins and the color scheme) and got the CheapLiner sanded down and painted... I'm still looking for a fork if anyone has one that would fit it... It's a different size than all the ones I have laying around... Anyone have an opinion on what kind of clearcoat(if any works best)?
So here's the CheapLiner in primer...

And in stage one of it's paint job.

I found out I need a fork and a seatpost...If anyone has one let me know...
Also check out the progress on my wife's bike in the builds section.
I work at a tractor dealership, so all the paint I'm using is our company's brand, made by val-spar. I've never really rattlecanned much, but I'm pretty happy with my results so far...
Thanks! That's what I was going for. :D Unfortunately if you could see it up close, you could tell it was done with rattle cans, but this is a ratrod bike build-off so it'll be ok.
JoeyMac said:
Interesting take on the color scheme of the bike. I haven't seen something quite like that before. I like it!
Thanks man. :D I wasn't sure how i was gonna do the 2-tone but I knew i wanted to and I'm pretty pleased with it all.
So I had a real mock-up pick of this thing, but I left my camera at home(I access the web at work...) and all I had was this phone camera pic but I wanted to post it anyways... The fork probably won't stay(even though I painted it to match) I'm hitting up a swap meet tomorrow and hopefully I find everyhting else I need to finish it(seat, and seatpost mainly, although I've been toying with the idea of 24 inch rims...)

To those who have been following my build, thanks for all the kind words. Much appreciated.
Thanks! So since I'm calling it the CheapLiner, I've decided to do a price breakdown.
3 cans of NewHolland spray paint/primer(with employee discount)@$2.75 each:$8.25
2 ScotchBrite pads from NAPA(Sometimes I miss working for them):$2.75
Various parts from randome bikes:FREE
Making the wife happy by getting rid of "Junk"(to her at least):priceless

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