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HBob said:
Cool Epiphone Valve Jr.!
Thanks man! I've had a few amps(3 sivertones, an old bandmaster, an old ampeg, a vibrolux reverb, a vibro-champ,) and honestly this one has got to be one of my favorites. If I needed to be louder I would jsut buy another one and run them together. I love the tone. :D
Well, I've got good and bad news... The good news is I got an original rattrap style springer fork today for my build... The bad news is it just doubled the cost of my build... I still hope to keep this one under $100 bucks though... Iv'e also been thinking of changing the name... We'll see... Oh thanks to RMS37 for the fork. Met up with him at the swap meet in Centralia, WA and it was a pleasure to put a face with the name. The guy has lots of knowledge.
This is what i'm gonna be running up front...

Gotta paint it up but other than that it looks good to go...
Thanks again to rms37 for the part. :mrgreen:
Yeah... Everything I had laying around the head tube was too short. Except for the one I painted in the mock-up pic which was for a 24 inch wheel(which I don't have...) So yeah... I was stoked to be able to get ahold of this one. :D
So I just wanted to post a pic of my most recently finished project, The Penguin's Revenge, here becasue it means that all my bike-building energy can be focused on the CheapLiner. Yay!


And the mock-up with wheels. Not using this fork though...
Mr. Farrell said:
yay... the penguin in the basket!! that one came out pretty well.
It came out ok... Look at the builds section to see about what I didn't like about it... But I'm fairly happy with the fruits of my labors. :)
Some updated pics...Still not done. But I got to ride it. And that was awesome. :mrgreen:



And just for fun, a pic of my Liners of Space.
Looking good! The two tone paint accents the spaceliner frame nicely. Good job! 8)
Thanks guys! The compliments make the work so worth it. :) I wasn't sure how the scheme would come out, but I dig it. I'm gonna accent it with a little black too. I was gonna try to do some scalloping where the two colors met, but I wanna perfect my technique(and by perfect I mean experiment. I know how I want it to look, but not how to execute it... :wink: )
Thanks man! It is super comfy to ride. Completely different attitude from my other spaceliner... I'm glad the simplicity scores points with ya. Sometimes it's just perfect for me sometimes I wanna do this or that, but I refrain for fear of over-doing it... I do have a chrome chainguard that's gonna go on it, and I'm gonna run with different tires, but pretty much what you see is what you get. :mrgreen:
Thanks. Last night my mother-in-law and my wife's friend were in town. My mother-in-law brought her Murray Missile that she picked up from a garage sale with her and we rode downtown for some dinner(If you're ever in Centralia, WA go to Bocatta. It's amazing.) and to see the New Blues Brothers who were playing in the park for free. We got so many comments on our bikes, and it felt kinda cool to say I built this one and those two when people asked about them. :mrgreen: It was a good evening. :D

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