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Jan 10, 2007
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Montreal, Canada
Well I'm starting with this frame and fork. I stripped her down to use the parts for the Hannan bike so now it's a prime candidate for a build off. I will be doing a full repaint. I have a very good idea of where I'm going with this, but I will only divulge as i go. Gotta make it interesting after all. :mrgreen: So I'm officialy entering my Chinese built Firmstrong "The Chief".

So here's what I'm starting with:

For those who haven't seen this bike when it was comnplete, here's a pic:
That frame is unique! Brings to mind a name like "Hunchback" or "Humpback"....... any literary or oceanographic twists? :roll:
bombshelterbikes said:
That frame is unique! Brings to mind a name like "Hunchback" or "Humpback"....... any literary or oceanographic twists? :roll:
Nope, I'm sticking with "The Chief" :D . I just got my hands on a skip tooth Columbia ladies bike with a wicked seat that's going to go on it. I'm also ordering a pair of Fat Franks and should start sanding the frame this week end.
So I got my hands on this skiptooth cruiser and I will be harvesting parts out of it for my build. The seat and chainguard will be used on the Chief. The fenders will go on a future project I have in mind.




Got the bike as is for $125. Considering that a skiptooth cruiser doesn't grow on trees around here, it was a good deal. :)
Well I finally got some time to really get this thing going. I primered the frame and I will now let it sit for a few days while I hunt the color down. I'm going fire engine red, should look wicked with the cream colored Fat Franks I ordered from Chain Gang.

The bright red will look very cool with the FatFranks. Electra did that with their Indian.

That blue ladies is a neat bike.
cman, the blue bike seems to only have the seat going for it in this build. I'm keeping the fenders for another project and I might be swapping it for an old CCM frame next week. The chainguard is a no go with the flat foot design frame. I just shot the fork a minute ago with some Krylon red....WOW :shock: If weather is nice tomorrow, I will spray the first coat on the frame. Keep posted guys. :mrgreen:
That's a real neat frame! I really like the chainguard on the ladies bike. The red is going to look great. Good luck !!!

Well I slapped on the last coat of red on the frame and in 24 hours I'll start many days of laying down lots of Krylon epoxy clearcoat. I just hope I get some nice weather to work with. I put on the seat to get some inspiration/motivation. I gathered some additional parts. The big piece missing now is a rear wheel.



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