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hewey said:
The bikes coming along nicely 8) Fire engine theme? And your a pinstriper? Pleeeease tell me your doing goldleaf on it?
I have to see about the $$$ end of it before I decide, but I do have One Shot gold paint for sure.
xddorox said:
Here"s a pic of the last brush I made. Hope this visual can inspire you guys. :mrgreen:


The hardest part is catching the squirrel.
I got my hands on a piece of sheet metal and managed to cut the tank plate. I just need to fabricate the brackets and drill some holes before I can paint it. I painted the front wheel today since i should get my tires in the mail this week. I'll have to sacrifice the rear wheel off of Victoria for this build since I can't seem to find one around here for now.

Thanks for the great comments guys. I've finally went over a major hurdle today, I found a crank set! It may seem obvious, but around here an American sized crank is not that easy to find. I started this build with a bare frame that was stripped for the Hannan Rocket build(That frame is cooking as we speak), so I had to start from scratch. So now that my stress level is down, my motivation is up. :mrgreen:
You might try some mild Ivory or equivilent liquid dishwashing detergent and water at first to clean them. Chemical based automotive detergents like Bleachwhite might have a negative effect on the stripes? Try a soft to medium bristle brush. The wheel and tire combination looks great! Thanks!!!
i know they are hard to clean with that "dimpled" design. i think i just used good ol soap and scrubbed. lookin good by the way. i really gotta get crackin on mine
CCR said:
westleys bleech white and a brush, with tires up in the air. nice lookin shoes on that red !!!
just so you know thats more than likely a recipe for disaster if you use it with the tires on the wheels(enamel paint im assuming...........) itll etch into the paint(dont ask me how i know this :roll: )

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