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That looks great. The Chief frame looked odd when you first got it. But your lovin has made it. Don't worry I forgot to tight the cones on a front hub then test rode it with hand tighten axle nuts. Made lots of racket.
I'm not saying ANYTHING, til it's DONE...........But it is pretty cool! The co ordination of colors, the quality of the paint, the siren, the big fat white tires. Overall an absolutely STUNNING bike!........I'm gonna keep my comments to myself! Until you're done. :wink:
HBob said:
One of my favorite bikes I've ever seen on this site.

Where'd you get that siren?
I got the siren at a flea market about 3 years ago for $5. I didn't bargain the guy at that price, it would have been an insult. I have to make the brackets for the tank plate before I even consider laying some red pigments on it. Thankfully I have another Chief framed bike to work on so I'll keep that red paint scratch free...for a while. :mrgreen: On that note, it was funny when I put the tank plate on the other Chief expecting it to be the exact same fit, it wasn't. It seems those Chinese frame builders have 1/2 to 3/4 inches of tolerance when building their frames!
Well I got to cut the tank plate and bang it into shape, even managed to fabricate some brackets for it. But this happened:



I'd figured I would be able to pull both projects off, but guess not. I could have slapped some red paint on the tank plate and some stickers, but this bike is a dedication to a fallen comrade and I want it done right. So I will call it done for now and I will be sure to keep you guys posted when I actually do finish the job. Now back to rebuilding my 1950's kitchen. Yes, I do live in a log house. :mrgreen: ...covered in bricks.

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