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took my daughter to the local "flea target" (what she calls the flea market). ...go to Target much with your mom? but anyway.. we sifted through a box of 25 cent crap diecasts and I found this gem. I put 3D printed tires on it and transfer numbers. I might do a full resto on it someday, but for now it's done.

I spy a Mulder and Scully there too, Scooby!
I did not buy any of that other stuff. Just the Chihuahuas from Taco Bell.

I’m sure you must have Taco Bell up in Canada (In the future all restaurants will be Taco Bell) but I wonder if they ever had the little Chalupa Chihuahuas for sale?

Those things must be 15 years old now.
Is that a Ford GT?

Back in 1972 we built a Volkswagen powered kit car called the Bradley GT, which looked an awful lot like this.
I remember the Bradley GT kits.
I am wrong. The thing we did looked much more like a GT40. I remember it used mustang windows and regulators. Long time ago, at first pro shop I ever worked at. I was there building engines, and we did three fiberglass cars for customers.
@BDC Whippets... I'm not a dog person, but that is my favorite breed. When I road raced in the 80s, I was sponsored by a woman who rescued them from racetracks. I used to take her personal one jogging.

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