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I thought they were all still on lockdown! Or those Big spiders that come from the outback had eaten everyone. It is the only continent where you can tell your teacher that a dingo ate your homework.
I must admit thinking of Luke and lack of scrap bike parts.
Next thing you have a dude wanders into local School of the Air. Offers to start a bike mods course for all the station kids.
what parent does not want their kids learning to weld and let lose their imagination.
Thinking back to Mad Max and the feral kid.
Must be the heat, I hear it drove english settlers mad.
Jeep had something similar, but like a big turnbuckle. Both left and right hand acme threads, with an up/down switch on the center section.
I finally found that old Jeep Jack I was talking about. It’s pretty crusty. I think my dad picked this up in 1971.

This would give you a heavy duty acme thread turnbuckle.
Still looking for one of those old tripod screw jacks with the crank on top. I'd like to incorporate it into a bike build. Maybe one of those MTB stretch bikes that go up into a tall bike when you lean forward. Imagine the crank doing the work rather than weight transfer and gas shocks. Long as I'm dreaming might as well drive the jack with a small elec motor on a reversing switch... Stretch bike, push a button brrrr it lifts into a tall bike, push a button brrrr it flattens back out into a stretch. Ambitious.

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