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spinman said:
Got the hexagonal bar and did some grinding and hammering to widen and flatten the 1/2" OD to allow for a 3/8" hole on the end to attach to the Hootchie. It's gonna be a heavy a@@ front end!



That'll never work! :roll: :shock:

:p Haha...jus' kiddin'.
Looks tuff!
I hope you can get us some action vid.
Finally got the octog. struts done. I'm gonna be buried with my angle grinder I love it so much. :mrgreen:



I hid my bad drill hole with 1/8" alum. plate I hand hammered and shaped around the bull nose of the spring. The solid pewter skull needs to be drilled and tapped along with the spring to keep it all tight. I'm gonna paint the plate/skull the bronze paint i used on the Kid's Rat trophy. Should look vintage-like.


I'm picking up the curved and spiked seat post tomorrow from the meatl shop. Hope the seat clamp will fit over it.

That skull looks GREAT!....And to think if ya didn't mess up on drilling, you would never had thought of it! 8)
"..You're putting a lot of hard work into this and it's paying off.."

This build is one of the most satisfying creative endevours I've ever done. Having a "paying" job that actually stifles creativity (DoD), I'd wither away if i didn't have an outlet to work with my hands and "make things".

Started throwin' crap together. Already stripped the Brooks seat clamp bolt while tightening it down :shock: Gotta go with stainelss steel I guess.

Fits comfortably though with the laid back spike seat post. Might go with drag-style bars since i don't wannna hunch over too low. Have a wood dowel in there now for fit purposes.


The "hootchie" ornamanet came out cool.

looking good! i hear you on the drag bars...but just for options.....if you use cruise bars you can always hold them where theyre flat(by the stem) also mountain bike bars flipped is pretty comfy
just get that wood out :wink:
Well, praise the Lord, It's finally a rolling heap of steel! :mrgreen:

The LBS hooked my chain up and man does it ride like a magic carpet. That seat feels like you're in a '74 Coupe Deville. I scored the pre-war Elgin bars on the 'bey and they feel just right. I may trim an inch or two off the ends just for that perfect look and fit.

I've got a new trick for the grips which i hope will work, but I'll find out after i paint the thing up.

It's good to see some light at the end of the rat hole. :lol:



I'm really liking the looks of this build, man. I really dig the simplicity of your front end. And I bet it rides amazingly...
And by simplicity I mean looks... I'm sure the time involved in creating it is contrary to the looks. It's straightforward, but the deltails bring it all together in its amazingness.
I like the cainguard, and the springer, and the spiked seat post and the tires and rims, and the black..... Oh well I guess the "whole " bike.....NICE!