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May 5, 2008
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Kerrville, Tejas
Running a little behind here.

I'm throwing my recently acquired PAU OPER, retired, work-bike into the ring.
Some of you guys look like y'all are almost done....with several page threads.
Not too late to enter is it?

Last night, while I finally had a chance to take it apart, I had a good brain-fart on how I wanted it to look.
I want to keep the same feel and look of the bike, but not have it be just another rustoration.
Gotta rod it up.


As found at Helotes Bicycle, Helotes, Texas.


I still need to investigate the history of this bike.
I have strong leads.



These will probably buff out...hahahaha.


Not a whole lot can be reused here.
Most all bearings were gone.

I think I'm going to take advantage of this little girl for some of her goodies....'62 Western Flyer.

I want to get the frame media blasted.
I have a couple leads here in town.
I just don't have time to strip it I hate doing that. :mrgreen:
We'll see how it cleans up.

Now I'm off to pull a leaky radiator out of our Oldsmobuick.
Re: The PAU OPEReration

I think I have the seat ready!

Went to my VW' gang's monthly "Shop Night" where we eat and work on VWs.



I got to use my friend's sand blasting cabinet on the rusty springs of the seat.


They cleaned up quickly.


Rattle canned the springs...cleaned and Armor-alled the rubber cover and slipped it back on.


Even added some extra padding.
This seat weighs a ton.
It's perfect.
Re: The PAU OPEReration

I got my frame sand-blasted....because I'm lazy/don't have the time/don't want to junk up my workspace I need for other stuff.
Plus it gave me a chance to visit some really kool local hot rodders...and support them.


They did a really thorough job and the price was nominal...I through in a tip.
There was some pretty hard pittng from the rust, but nothing structural and it looks like somebody had an accident with a grinder on the top tube.
It'll all clean up nicely.
It would have taken me forever to get all the layers off.
I saved some maintenance stickers from the top tube, but there were several more under the layers of paint, the sandblaster tells me.


Neat stuff!!!


The sandblaster and new friend's ride.
A pic of this car and the above hood ornament are published in this month's issue of Rebel Rodz...a rat rod mag on news stands now.


Ackk! Mud dobbers!


Got it cleaned up quick enough.


I'm not sure where it's going, but it's getting there.

Today, I met this dude Jimmy ("Bicycle Jedi") that runs this bike shop in town above this restaurant in our little art district.
Mostly Electra cruiser stuff.
I think I'll be ordering some parts from him.
Black ape-hangers for sure, maybe a springer, maybe some Fat Franks.
I know I can probably get stuff online cheaper, but I prefer to support the locals first....or at least try to.
(probably all chinese crap anyways)

Now I wait for Monday to get some blue spot putty as I hear that the red spot putty I just bought will shrink and crack in the future.
Right on.
Re: The PAU OPEReration

Compared to what you started with, it's looking cooool! 8) .........Paint?
Re: The PAU OPEReration

Not sure!
I have a black bike and a grey bike already.
I was thinking white again...maybe leaning toward cream/egg shell.
Sorta go resto-custom with the thing...minimal chrome.
I like the idea of black ape-hangers.
I actually got to grope some cream colored Fat Franks today...and I liked it!

Re: The PAU OPEReration

The plate/welder-type is it's saving grace.
I'm going to make some calls to Houston on Monday to try and figure out what it means.
Re: The PAU OPEReration

Man , this world keeps getting smaller. first , say hi to hank for me!!. second , i almost bought that bike!.
when i saw your first pic i thought "that looks familiar" then the next pic sent me throught he roof.
i was working in san antone for a couple months and hit almost every bike shop in a 20 mile radius.
and blue star "rocks" great shop and idea.. brewery and a bike shop..i ended up buying a nice dayton from hank all in all new tires, tubes, chain and bike $65.00. i was there around fiesta and cinco de mayo so the bike turned into my cinco bike. pm if you think you might be going to "Tour De Fat" in austin, we might be road trippin there for it!

kansas city spokesmen, jon
Re: The PAU OPEReration

yes i think i stopped by that shop. is it in down town? i spent a couple days just lookin for bike shops.
helotes bike shop is "the chyt" and hanks a trip.
and i went to the first bike show they had at the brewery. that art dist. kicks butt. " king willies"
Re: The PAU OPEReration

forgot about Tour de Fat , its put on by New belgum Brewing Co. " fat tire beer ".
they put on these beer and bike festivals throughout the midwest and west coast.
they have rides in the morning. Road,mountain and cruiser rides. then they start the festivities "beer".
theres bands all day weird bikes to ride and entertainment. its a blast. if you go to " the coasters" website
locojoes site, go to archives and look up the pics from the fort collins tour. the one in Austin isnt till september, you have time to plan for it...any questions pm me... jon
Re: The PAU OPEReration

I think I learned (the basics of) how to true a rim!
Not so mysterious after all.
Thank you YouTube! :lol:
I got the front rim really very close, in a short amount of time.
It was pretty bad before.
How exciting! :D

Now I get to try it again on the rear.
It's pretty bad as well.
I need to replace a spoke and rebuild the hub too.

...and paint.

These wheels came off a Western Flyer that was bought new by my family in '62, or so.
It was my Mom's, then my sister's.
I harshed on it pretty hard as a kid and it was my paper route bike...1977.
Then I fixed it up for my Mom about ten years ago, but she never rode it and I ended up with it.


It will serve me better as parts now.
The pic makes it look sweeter than it really is.
My wifee's not interested in it either.

I have much to do.
Re: The PAU OPEReration

I'm on my third coat of spot putty.
I will be going with white paint....not a good candidate for a shiny black paint-jobby.
It should look fine after wet sanding a bunch of layers of white pirmer...then just hit it with clear.



I contacted the place where the bike came from and was serviced, in Houston.
Got and e-mail today.

Larry at Bowling Bicycles in Houston said:
Louis, I will do some checking on the bike and find out the history. Where did you buy the bicycle? Usually a bike like this is removed from the plant because of safety concerns. Please let me know how you obtained this bike. There is a number on the square white tag on the bicycle, if you can let me know the number I can get the history. If it was removed because of a safety concern that number will be noted in our records. Some were removed just because they were too expensive to fix and others because of safety.

I was able to give him the number he needs and hopefully we'll learn something soon!
How exciting! :D

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