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...on the other hand...some shiny, new parts here and there are nice.

Sounds like you're talking about an older fork that has been restored.

Still no headlight here.
I do have a lead on a pile of old parts, though. :D
Yeah this build came out real nice, an unusual frame plate with an unusual "hillbilly" engineered fork mount and a nice color scheme.
Thankya boyz!
I like how it came out too.
It kinda told me what it was going to look like.
I was never quite sure.
I like how simple it it.
So much different than my other bikes that now look small standing next to it.

I had a little trouble with the handlebars staying tight.
There's shims being used with the '62 gooseneck.
The leverage of the apes is overwhelming it, a bit.
Spent about an hour jacking with it last night.


It was bottoming out so I went at it with a .......-file :p for some clearance.


That didn't work so the dremel came out.

Then the hacksaw showed up and the tip got cut off.
A fresh bolt and pair of fresh shims...and some lock-tite later, it feels pretty good.
If/when they move again, I'll need to upgrade...nothing too modern looking though.

Any favorite stems/goosenecks out there?

Maybe some sort of set-screw would work.

My local-est bike shop will have some chrome bullet headlights in stock on Friday.
I had the same slippage problem on my RBBO2 with the apes, went to a BMX 4-bolt stem, no problems after that
Handle bars are still holding, socal_jack.
When I got the bike it had the four bolt deal.

Got my head light on.
I like it!


2:00 in the AM.

The fabbed bracket still needs some attention.

Now I need some sort of tail light. :mrgreen:
Thanks, man.

Sorry guys....I've been totally distracted away from this lately.
Final pics will be taken very soon.
I mounted an NOS 1973, round reflector.
Other than that, I've just been riding it a lot.
Sometimes to the Walgreens drug store about a mile away, sometimes just 'round in circles on the driveway...I have a pretty big driveway.

I need to throw it in the back of the truck to scout locations for a photo shoot. :mrgreen:
I've been riding this bike a lot!
I ended up repainting and using the 4-bolt BMX style stem that actually came with the bike when I got socal_jack recommended.
Stuck an Independent Skateboard trucks cross sticker on it.
No problemos.

I used it for October's Downtown Highlife Bicycle Club last Friday of the month ride.


We generally meet at the Alamo at 9:00 pm.

This bike did great.
Very comfortable.
I was able to keep up with this crowd just fine and it was very stable on some pretty fast downhill runs....blowing past the fixed gear hipsters.
It was about a three hour ride with a long pit-stop at a quiet VFW post for beers.
ALL kinds of bikes.
Not a spandex crowd.
This is the second time we've done this.
(That reminds me to update my Skip-tooth thread)
The October ride fell on Halloween.
I wasn't sure anybody would show, but there were at least 100 bikes.


Me and the wifee and our hot-rod bikes.


Deep in a massive, ancient east-side in numbers!

Really good times.
Here's some random pics from the ride.
Many were in costume.
Many pics did not come out.





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