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That took care of the morning so this afternoon the chain guard got its turn. My original plan was to do a fade paint job and have an original style “Cheater Slick” decal featured in the middle. @ingola was super kind and had made some of those decals for me but unfortunately they got lost in the mail. That was a bummer but I really appreciate Ingola taking the time and energy to help me out with this project.

My other idea was something I’ve wanted to try for a long time now which is a lace paint pattern. I had bought some different patterns of lace online and pulled them out to see how it might look. Chose a piece and went for it.

It’s not that hard to do. The lace needs to be taught over the paint surface and the masking tape holds it in place. Then just paint the accent color over it.
Shot the red

10 minutes later peeled the lace off

Then the Color Effex went on

It came out really sweet! I love the effect, it gives it that 60s/70s custom look. Much better result than I expected.

I had wanted to incorporate some blue into this somewhere but I couldn’t find a blue I liked. I think it looks great just like this so it really worked out. I’ll let it cure for a couple of weeks and then on to assembly. In the meantime I’ll polish the chrome. Maybe I’ll even find some time to work on my class 2 build.
I did some polishing yesterday. Some of this looked pretty far gone to me. I thought sure I was going to be replacing the headset. It all shined up pretty well though. I broke out my Grandpa’s old Delta Rockwell bench grinder and put a polishing wheel on it. Worked great. Now it’s on to assembly. I hope I have all of the parts. :bigsmile:
The seat will be lower. Huffy stem will go back on and I'll switch the grips to the red ones. Then I'll figure out which sissy bar I'm going to run. After I get the big ole slick mounted in the back again.







I’m really happy with the results. It has a great look and character, the lace paint on the chain guard is the icing on the cake for me. I’m digging the bars and grips too. Big shout out to @CRASH for inspiring me with his beautiful builds. Also for selling me this project and restoring the wheels & pedals for me, thanks man!

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