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Spent a little more time out in the shop today after church and got it on the floor, right side up, on it’s wheels. Still have lots of small details to add and finish, but overall I’m feeling it !
Great looking build! That chainguard is fantastic. I love the photo location by that old tree too, looks great!
Pondo, a little history on that tree. That tree was one of the biggest, most photographed trees in one of the parks of my home town. Many wedding, graduation, birthday, family pictures were taken with it. It survived many floods, but the big flood in 1973 caused it to topple over. The parks dept left it as they had bigger problems to take care of at the time. The tree stayed alive growing on its side and continued to be photographed. Several more floods took major tolls on it over the years, and the city was going to remove it. The towns people caught wind of the plan and protested and saved the tree. I don’t know how many more years it will last, but it still is a cool old land mark.
Thank you all for the kind words. I was really hoping to take more pics in different places, but this last couple of months have been hard on me. First I was put back with the surgery on my left thumb and wrist, then I took a nasty fall after tripping at work, cutting and deep bruising my right leg. Then this last week I came down with the flu and spent the whole thanksgiving holiday home in bed. I woke up yesterday to cold and snow, so I guess I’m just going to have to chose from one of the shots I took for the contest. Anyone have a suggestion?
All right, I’m officially finished !! I just submitted my entry in the Class 2 finished thread. Beings as how I’m the first one to submit in this class that puts me in first place ! There are a lot of really cool builds this year in both classes, so for me to actually complete it and submit it is rewards enough for me. Good luck to all of you!

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