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Mar 26, 2012
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Maplewood, MN
Sorry to hear this, Jim. Take care of J. and yourself.
We'll catch you on the flip flop.
Aug 27, 2022
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Dont worry FV2... your wifey , shes gonna smash it and knock this over, you watch, you'll be right!
Oh and ive just done a heap of carbon work on my quad drifter, ive made a couple boats and yes your on the money with epoxy resin, did you know you can shape styro foam really easily and then just whack your carbon and or glass over on it , the epoxy wont eat the styro foam, but if you use polyester resin the foam gets eaten real quick! the fact is Epoxy, 2-3X the price but far superior product, Polyester resin = horrific smell, and because it has polymers in it the resin will eventually take up water when exposed to it for a long period, AKA boats with wet floors etc! drilled holes not sealed ! wood rot etc,
Epoxy resin covers all those base's and even more, it wash's off you hands in water when cured its absolutely 100% waterproof, polyester resin is not! this is why they use a gel coat to protect the fiberflass from water immersion. an extra costly layer of product thats really not needed if you just used the better epoxy!
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Apr 17, 2014
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Thanks everyone for the thoughts.

I know she'll be fine, she's very strong and diseases fear her. (Drove school bus 26 years.)
She's just a bit sick and exhausted from the treatment, it's almost over too. But doc said she'd be sick a few weeks, so just taking it all in stride.

@Son of Kradus Epoxy is the ish, when it comes to fiberglass as far as I'm concerned. I've used it for my boat and camper, will use it on my next boat and camper this fall. And some other projects after that.
I always order my supplies from Raka. Haven't let me down yet.
The right foam works well. But with this bike, aside from paint, the plan was to put it together with what I already had on hand.
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