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Getting ready for todays first of May protest rideView attachment 263745
This is how around 2700 cyclists on a 1st of May protest ride in Berlin look like, all cramped up in one street as the police stopped us, because we had grown to big of a number so the rules had to be explained one more time to all...

And in the other direction...

The CobblestoneRat proudly carrying its new flag

Heading toward Alexander Platz

On the road

Then later at the end, our protest merged with another one continuing on foot. Here is the end after the top started about half an hour before. I heard a number of about 7000 people

It had also a Tesla...

Here's a video:
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Took the Italian stallion for a proper ride, here it is sitting outside my work waiting for my friend on his fuji, i finished adding the stickers and padded top tube,
went for a mocha and some philosophical and spiritual discussions on our present day life of our world, then for me some fast pace cruising in town with some weaving through the traffic (my friend a little way behind,it ain't his gig man, he prefer the long gravel rides but he done well on his new to him fuji single speed) then back to his to sample ride a few of his builds, a good 4 hours well spent
I picked up this Electra cruiser 1 last night on marketplace for the cost of a couple of slabs of beer. A lady won it in a raffle and her husband wasn’t interested.

I got it home, pumped up the tires and went for a spin around the block. I was surprised how easy it was to ride and even more surprised that you could climb hills standing up, something I couldn’t do with the straight 8 I had a few years back.

I got it to work and dived into my arsenal of parts. The first things to go were the lady’s bars and saddle. I fitted an Electra attitude bar, cheap bmx stem, odi cult grips and odyssey pedals. I also dropped the rear sprocket from 22 to 18 and tightened up all the stuff the bike shop left loose like the wheel nuts and crank. I have to say it rides as well, possibly even better than my 68 Typhoon which has the same tires. More mods to come, maybe a different fork, a better set of Electra wheels from a lady’s bike and 2 speed kickback hub.





I pulled this fork off a ViVa lady’s bike. It looks very similar to the fork that was used on the Electra Super Deluxe models and has the tab for the roller brake arm.
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dirtied up the CruX Sunday for a late day 41 miler on the Airline North trail (Willimantic CT to Pomfret CT)

ride finish/start at the rail road museum


this section is under reconstruction after the monsoons earlier this year


if I could weld I would make this for my daughter. She loves foxes

This one has not seen the light of day for about 10 years. It rides great, it was such a roach when I got it it should have been scrapped for parts. It was the first bike I fixed. It is about a 1950 Rollfast.View attachment 264335
I think your bike is a little older than 1950. You can ID the year by the bottom bracket. Look for an EH or SN preceded by 2 digits, that's the year in reverse. Here's a 42:
42522_a1cb05d52c72fec01eed0d63208dd373 - Copy.jpg
1977 Schwinn Varsity.

repainted and coaster brake rear wheel. Changed the seat, seat post and bars since it came in.

Today's ride and the before photo below.

Schwinn.Varsity.KP573471 (1).JPG
Tom Teesdale built Kona Hot in Ely, Iowa

~25 miles today.

Shopping list: My spine says I need to get the handlebars up a bit so riser bars and a higher angle stem. Less bulky pedals. The Bontrager seat isn't so comfy. Sell off the STUBS bar ends to finance the rest. Exotic Vintage MTB stuff is hot.

It has WTB Speedmaster brakes ($$$), A GT Hadley made in the USA rear hub in silver with a high ratchet count. the front hub is black and unbranded. A match would be good.

Kona.Hot.TET.1517 (2).JPG


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