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The Germans don't work today, at least not most of them. It's Father's Day, a national holiday, and I'm cruising my neighborhood, my Kiez....

They even managed to mold the body lines into the light lens. Now that's a detail that
is rarely, if ever, seen. Sweet bike.
Man, that light and tank combo are so good! Love how all the chrome details flow from one to the other
Thanks fellas!
It's definitely appreciated for every nut, bolt and screw as well as original condition on what's present, lens included. I'll be replacing the lens with a repro but of course holding onto the original. It's got a wicked Crack and it's peeling from heat exposure, so it's only whole if it's tenderly cared for as the rest.

I've waited so long to have one in any shape and I never could have imagined I'd have a shot at a whole one. I'm over the moon.
Did a fast rattle can satin black on Son of Kaiju
Kicked it around the block a couple times and decided I need to hook up the shifter and maybe take it on the Tamale Ride coming up with the Chicago Taildraggers next weekend.
Did a fast rattle can satin black on Son of Kaiju
Kicked it around the block a couple times and decided I need to hook up the shifter and maybe take it on the Tamale Ride coming up with the Chicago Taildraggers next weekend.View attachment 265053
Right On! Carl!! That’s super cool…. See you next weekend with this…
Took The Wolverine for another 40 km early Sunday morning spin to the Grunewald sandpit and back. About two thirds on (rough Berlin) asphalt and one third light gravel. It was fun.

Having coffee and breakfast now and heading to the garden later to enjoy this beautiful sunny day...
Just back from my morning cruise.
Gotta ride coming up , so I'm not sure if this is a shakedown for the bike or me... Been surfing the lazyboy all winter...
Yesterday was my last long commute to the center of Berlin for a while. As of Tuesday I go back from 13 km one way to 1,8 km...
I usually crossed the Street of the 17th of July towards the end/beginning of my commute. At the moment the street is blocked for all motorized traffic due to preparations for the European soccer championship fan fest.
So it was a no-brainer to take the opportunity for these two pictures...

attempted to do an overnight camping trip this past weekend. 62 miles and one catastrophic flat fix later (torn tire), ended up back at the car. And it rained all day. Boo. Crap happens I guess.

Snack stop at the halfway point to the campground that we never got too:

RAIN IMG_3485.jpg
I took my '39 Firestone Flying Ace for yesterday's Old Bikes Club Bluz Cruz. Small group, lots of fun even though we took a silly route for a while not conducive to cycling. 🤦‍♂️ Stopped for a couple folks to get refreshments & soak up some shade. Apparently we were in the wrong part of town. The lady at the bus stop across the street was yelling at us with explicit language the whole time we were there that we were not welcome. Too bad I was too busy listening to the soothing sounds of rock 'n roll the whole time to really care.🤷‍♂️Took a while to figure out what was going on....

We took a lap around Ball Arena to give the Nuggets some good juju as the place was starting to come to life for Game 7.

And support at Civic Center Park was cool...

Apparently I used most of my juju the day before on the kids my Brother coaches at the State track & field competition. Successful for them but not so much for the Nuggets. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Still a fun day with some friends.👍👍