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@Mr. Monkeyarms and myself endured 8-10 miles in the pouring rain this evening and took refuge at a local brewery, Ot was kind of comical, but we endured the group ride with 9 others. I had the X53 from last years build off out, and totally rebonded with it in the rain. 😀View attachment 210339View attachment 210340View attachment 210341View attachment 210342View attachment 210343

It was definitely a soaker of a ride for the penultimate Bike Night!

We typically don't stop for a beer mid ride but Left Hand was just what the Dr. ordered

A hot shower afterward was invigorating!:)
Todays 28 miles we’re on this, a 2009 Kestrel Evoke, SRAM Rival 10, Mavic wheels. Doesn’t seem like 13 years since I bought it.

500 yards from my front door is this start of my 70 mile trail network. I cut out deadfall’s and trim back branches. This is my personal and secret trail system. I almost never see another cyclist or ATV on them.

As you can see no one but me rides on this section.

Woods roads are a part of my loop.

peaceful mature forest.

A three speed is good in all these sticks, no derailleur to get mangled.

This is a connector I made between logging skids.

This is the old access road to our property. The new one is wider and gravel.

A trail I made many years ago. The ATV folks found it and widened it out. I drive my ATV on it when the snow falls on this to pack it so I can ride my fat bike on it. In December the ATV starts to get stuck so that’s the end of fat bike riding on this.

Me, in your face. Rest and hydration time. I’m sitting on the ground soaking up the forest sights, sounds and drizzle.

Mud between ponds.

One of 4 ponds on my route.

I finished up by getting our mail. The box is a mile from home.

I need to trim the branches on a lot of the trail. I didn’t do that this spring. You need to trim back brush every spring. The snow load brings new branches down low in your face.
Six miles today in 50 degree drizzle. A little chilly but not bad.
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Went on a night ride last night once I realized the Savannah Jazz Festival was going on.




Turn the sound on for this video of Uncle Stretch enjoying a little jazz last night. This is the same Jazz Festival that was going on 20 years ago this week when Queenfish and I rode our moving van downtown to move into our 1873 rowhouse project house. We joked about them throwing a party for us.

Does 2015 count as "lately" :D
An American in Paris - Dec 2015
on @kanar 's custom stretch

Close enough in my book! :thumbsup:

Plus it gives us a good guage of where you're at with your health kick. Nice work!! Keep it up Slim!

Thanks. I was wearing size 40" pants back then and now I'm down to 33".

Here is a video from that ride. You can even see the light from the top of the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

Thanks. I was wearing size 40" pants back then and now I'm down to 33".

Here is a video from that ride. You can even see the light from the top of the Eiffel Tower in the distance.


Again, nice work taking care of yourself. Hope you can feel the difference as well!:thumbsup: You should be proud!
Went on a ride today with baby Yoda

I took the old Superbe out for a ride today. Just wanted to have a little fun with it before I poach the parts for other builds. I originally intended to fix this thing up and pass it on but the frame has some terminal damage from kids cranking on a kickstand from a Schwinn WAY too tight. Squashed tubing with a big hole. But the parts will come in handy! Does anyone know how to adapt a Raleigh bottom bracket to an older American frame?
Our Bike Night season finalé was last night. We had 123 riders and a dog. The theme was 'Oktoberfest' on a beautiful night for a ride on Maurice. :)

Cruising Main St.

We also stopped at a couple of pubs for some Chicken Dancing!

It was another great season of Bike Night! We'll get together again for the Christmas Parade of Lights which is always fun but it's a long wait until mid May 2023 when we start season 19.....✌️

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