What have you been riding lately?

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No riding at all today. This is the closest thing we’ve got to snow here in Clovis in about 25 years. This is the dog kennel roof and the potting bench.



To you northerners and mountain folks, this will just look like maybe somebody dumped out the cooler after a fishing trip.

But the last time I saw this much white stuff on the ground we were living in a different town.

Today, it didn’t stay on the ground, and in these pictures it is already pouring rain and the ground fall has melted.

I want to thank every single human being that exhaled water vapor this year, for helping to end the drought in the southwest desert.
It's easy to get confused when y'all go OFF TOPIC so much. I get it. New ideas pop into your heads and you just can't help sharing them with us. But it is annoying to some of us who have filters to wade thru these posts to get to the topics we came here to see. Topic here is "What have you been riding lately?" and it's been rolling along nicely since April 2018 when I first posted the query. Big thanks to those who have kept it moving along on topic. Sadly I haven't been riding anything and was just looking to see warmer climates with some BICYCLE action.
Well if it will provide some relief, Carl, you can see from this photo how beautiful and sunny it was yesterday. Imagine that I actually sat on this little bike and fell over backwards on my butt, because that’s exactly what happened only there was nobody there to record it for posterity as I sat on my posterior.
haven't been feeling great for about a month, but got the clear from doc to start exercising this weekend. Went for a muddy 30 on the Specialized CruX on the Airline Trail, from Portland CT to the Colchester Spur.


my backside didn't look like the downtube thanks to an arsesaver. (name altered to conform to forum rules).
Picked this Michael Blast Greaser ebike up today and had a fun spin around town.

Rode around the world today on the Greaser.

Throwback to what I was riding in 2013 when I saw this dragster chopper guy roll by. MO FATTA MO BETTA baby!



That’s pretty radical.

I well remember the age of 30” over flex-rigid forks, and motorcycles that could not hold a turn over a slight bump.

There’s a lot of drag there for sure. And blind intersections could be a real problem.

But once you get it rolling I’d be more worried about stopping all that inertia.
I’ve been riding the Couch lately. But I did manage to lace another rim with an Shimano 3 speed hub and trued my own wheel for the first time. This was for my winter build off awhile ago and I didn’t have the time or skills to attack the task at the time. It was basically a girls 26” Muscle bike with skinny tires. So I fitted a Thickslick and mounted it up. Now is time to stop riding the couch and ride the Blue Dream. It’s been cold and I’ve been hibernating.

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