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Work evening shift which means the kids don't see me all week. Usually they stay at there mother's this week but due to changes they ended up home. So they made me supper porkchops mash potatoes and roasted broccoli at 7 in the morning.(I'm a coffee and eat after lunch guy) Potatoes are lumpy, broccoli is burnt and gravy has chunks but I'll never tell them. It was great.
My wife's request. She just calls it veggie chili but it's more like some sort of pepperonata soup

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2 yellow onions - diced and sauteed in oil
1 green pepper *
1 orange pepper *
1 yellow pepper *
1 red pepper *
1 poblano pepper - *all diced and sweated
3 ears of corn from freezer off the cob and roasted in cast iron
2 cans of diced tomatoes (or canned jars if available)
16 oz of tomato sauce
4 tablespoons lime juice
2-4 cups veggie broth to desired consistency
12 oz can of root beer (sugar free for us) - yes I am serious

Boil and then reduce and summer 30 minutes

Big hit wife loved it
I'll eat anything, don't eat me first...
I especially like Mexican. But I'll even eat frozen burritos microwaved with cheese and salsa when I'm in a hurry.
Recently baked a corned beef and stove topped some cabbage and taters. Since it was like St. Patrick's Day and all.
Another hurry up and go fav is a gas station pizza slice with a V8. It's a filler like almost food...
Anybody mentioned a big bowl of Cap'n Crunch yet? Munchies talkin' there...
Secret fact about the Captain........

Was a vegetarian for 3+ years and full vegan for another 2+. Taught me a LOT about cooking

I’ve never even considered that, but I have cut out the preprocessed meats and preservative laden foods from my diet.

I’m putting on this Santa Maria style tri-tip beef roast with a dry rubbed south-western spice mix, aged in my refrigerator. Grass fed Angus beef is raised by lots of the local ranches around here.

I’ve been thinking about going on the all meat diet for a while. I eat a lot of carbohydrates.

The problem is I’d have to give up a lot more than carbohydrates.
...Potatoes are lumpy, broccoli is burnt and gravy has chunks but I'll never tell them. It was great.

I love this. What good kids. What a deserving dad.
well lets hope this go's well. family's all doing other stuff. so I will tackle . my own Easter Dinner meal. never did my own ham.

I have been doing the major holiday cooking since I met my wife in 1989. It was a big mistake to tell her I knew how to cook, but I have been a bachelor and I had cooked for the guys when I was in college.

Actually that chicken was the pre-Easter dinner.

My wife and I ate leftover spaghetti for Easter dinner because we spent the day off at the lake picnicking & looking for places to fish.

We have to go out of town to see the kids next week because they both have moved away. There will be 6 adults and 10 grandchildren, if I count correctly. I don’t count anybody under 40 as an adult yet. Five of my granddaughters are over 18.