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yup if it was once alive eating plants then I will cook it and eat it. but will not eat plants/ vegetables as a main dish! made some ben's and some medium hot dogs. still had hungrier so mixed up some 80% ground beef with cheese and bacon bits + Webbers bomb flavor grill seasoning.


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Kicking off Freedom weekend with steak and eggs

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Tonight is either chile relleno on the green egg or try out the new wood pellet pizza oven
Steak and eggs means one thing at our house dad had a good night and a peice of lawn furniture is broken.
On the welding forum we were discussing the merits of electric stoves versus gas stoves for cooking. I have a gas stove that also has electronics, and electronic igniters, and electric fans in the oven for convection cooking.

All that stuff quit working this morning when our power went out at 6 AM, but I was still able to cook breakfast with the magic of a kitchen match and gas.

Because the electric lights were out it was too dim to take a photograph of my oatmeal and my cheese omelette.
All that stuff quit working this morning when our power went out at 6 AM, but I was still able to cook breakfast with the magic of a kitchen match and gas.
we had that last week, lost power at 8am, was out all day, we used the camper trailer batteries (200ah@12V) to run the camping fridge (52ltr) for the cold consumables (milk, butter n all stuff chilled) and we used the BBQ for hot water in the form of boiling water for coffee's and dish washing etc!, its amazing how it all comes in handy even though we havnt camped for yrs! even if it were at night we could've run the the 12V camping lighting....which is actually better than the house lighting (cheaper and 6K means a tiny bit brighter too).... loved our camping yrs
I didnt have to use it but we also have one of them gas fired fridge's for camping, it runs on gas to chill everything to almost feezing, great for beers if needed on the last day or so if ya batteries run low!
I had to finally get a new laptop after 6 years and while transferring images, found these. My diet has improved health wise but not flavor wise since these all were common at my place: